Advice 1: Tanning and pregnancy

I think every pregnant woman wondered can I use a tanning during pregnancy. The answer is simple – you can, however, you must clearly and completely, always and everywhere to observe some important rules and valuable advice.
Tanning and pregnancy

1. When you use yourself sprays there is a possibility of getting them to open the airway that is not very safe for the unborn child. So experts recommend a special care to hold your breath anyway to cover the face.

2. Regarding the choice of funds, then you need carefully to choose. Best of all, as others say, to give main preference to the most well-known and quality brands that care and worry about their reputation. Let these self-tanning products are much more expensive, but you'll be sure security.

3. Although self-tanning and is completely safe, but still will not be superfluous to consult with your doctor, all of a sudden you have some particular organism, which can immediately cause a negative reaction.

That's all the recommendation you need to follow when choosing tanning for pregnant women. Don't get too afraid and limit yourself in everything, because pregnancy is not a disease, besides the experience of many pregnant women shows that the more a woman in this period takes care of herself, the better she is the beautiful process of gestation of the unborn child.

Advice 2: Tanning during pregnancy

To get a beautiful skin tone during pregnancy you can use bronzer. However, the use of the tool in the presence of the skin mechanical damage and in dermatological disorders you should not. In the absence of contraindications means you must test for allergic reactions. This can be done by dusting a small amount on the exposed skin and watching its changes.
Pregnancy is not a contraindication for the application of bronzer

Can I use a tanning during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a woman can not afford for a long time basking in the hot sun, and in summer she has to settle for just a few hours when she can sunbathe without fear for their own health and the development of the unborn baby. But what to do if you really want to improve the appearance of the skin, which by the middle of the pregnancy already looks not as good as I would like? Output in this situation can become application of tanning – cosmetic products, simulating a real tan. It is produced in the form of lotions, sprays, emulsions and creams that you can buy in the store or pharmacy.
During pregnancy you should not use pills and injections for tanning – level dyes in them may exceed the permissible limits, and this may be harmful to the unborn child.

Contraindications for the application of bronzer

Contraindications to the use of tanning during pregnancy is not. It is not dangerous in terms of penetration of its components into the deeper layers of the epidermis, because they stain only the top layer. The only thing that you should know that when you use a bronzer perhaps alternating shades of leather, due to changes in the level of melanin in the skin during pregnancy.

If a woman before pregnancy successfully used this tool in the period of carrying a child she may face allergic skin reaction to a drug due to the hormonal changes in her body. However, applying bronzer is only possible in cases when the pregnant woman is not suffering from dermatological diseases and has no damage to skin surface. Also, do not apply bronzer hypersensitive skin components included in the composition of the cosmetic product.

How to use bronzer

To remedy evenly distributed on the skin, before applying you should take a shower and clean skin scrub make epilation. In order to avoid spots and streaks bronzer can be mixed with milk or cream intended for the care of the body. Both components must be taken in equal quantities, mixed and thoroughly rubbed into the skin.
To test the response of the skin to tan first, it should be applied to a portion of it and observe him for some time. The lack of redness and rashes will be a signal to use for the entire body.

When applied to the skin axillary region, and knee-elbow bend should be considered that in these areas the staining is faster, so the skin can be darker and different from other parts of the body. To avoid this, before applying the tanning delicate skin should first be treated with a lotion for the body, and only then apply the product for tanning. But to take it in smaller number than for other parts of the body.
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