1. When you use yourself sprays there is a possibility of getting them to open the airway that is not very safe for the unborn child. So experts recommend a special care to hold your breath anyway to cover the face.

2. Regarding the choice of funds, then you need carefully to choose. Best of all, as others say, to give main preference to the most well-known and quality brands that care and worry about their reputation. Let these self-tanning products are much more expensive, but you'll be sure security.

3. Although self-tanning and is completely safe, but still will not be superfluous to consult with your doctor, all of a sudden you have some particular organism, which can immediately cause a negative reaction.

That's all the recommendation you need to follow when choosing tanning for pregnant women. Don't get too afraid and limit yourself in everything, because pregnancy is not a disease, besides the experience of many pregnant women shows that the more a woman in this period takes care of herself, the better she is the beautiful process of gestation of the unborn child.