Learn the functions of your camera. Some models provide for cancellation of removal and restoration in one press of the corresponding key. Also sometimes the device itself or its user, for various reasons, renames a section in which pictures are stored. Try returning the settings to the initial state and check if there are any photos on the memory card.
Download and install one of the programs for file recovery that will help you to recover memory card deleted photos. Most popular and free are Smart Recovery, Pandora Recovery, Recover Files, and some others that you can download online.
Connect your digital camera to a personal computer. Use the USB cable supplied. Next, click on the icon "My computer" on the desktop and select the removable media that is marked with the name of your camera.
Run the file recovery program. Click on the "start" button, then "All programs" and select the folder called software. Click on the icon of the launcher file. Configure the restore procedure. Select the drive of the digital camera (E: or F:) and then the folder in which to save the recovered photos.
Restore deleted photos. Click on the begin the process of restoring files, which is usually located on the main panel of the application. Wait until the operation completes. Navigate to the folder designated for saving the recovered photos. Check whether it managed to successfully bring back the missing files. Sorry if some photos will not be restored with the application, most likely they have been overwritten, and therefore there is no recovery.