How early could seek groom for daughter

Several decades ago a choice of groom for her daughter entirely lay with the parents. They carefully watched what family or that young man, whether he has housing, how it is formed, what is his income, what kind of bad habits. And men then were completely different. You could say they fainted at the sight of bare female legs and did not require the lady of his heart almost nothing. Now everything was different.
Most often the boys from the past was only the mistress of the house, faithful companion of life, which could give birth to their children.

What to look for when choosing a groom for daughter

First, you need to look at his family. As you know, all the behaviors people take from their childhood, and if have chosen your daughter's close-knit relationship with his parents, likely his own family he will build on the same principle. However, sometimes there are cases that, for example, in a family of alcoholics grow up to be completely teetotal children. Unfortunately, this is very rare, and usually people build a family, more or less similar to the one in which they grew up.
Deliberate changes to the template can cause errors that will bring mutual pain.

Second, an important aspect is jealousy. Of course, at the initial stage of jealousy is nice, but over time it can develop into total control and scandals. This is clearly not what you would want for your daughter. If a young man, who pretends to be a suitor, too unsure of himself and jealous of your girl for each post, in the future, nothing good will come of it.

Thirdly, people with different interests rarely form a harmonious Union. Of course, there is the common phrase "opposites attract", but you probably would not want to have your intelligent and well-read daughter communicated with fans of "Formula-1" racing? Calm it you will realize that in the car with him will be her or your grandchildren?

A long, happy and harmonious family can be only equal people. With similar levels of education, temperaments, interests. If your daughter sees the flaws of man and hopes to change it, it should be remembered that to change the adult personality is impossible.

Of course, love is very nice feeling, but it's like she gives you the rent rose-colored glasses, and after creating a family brutally tear. After that comes the disappointment, as to marriage, the partners usually show each other only the best quality, and after the marriage reveals the full picture. However, if you realize that the guy is not a pair of your daughter, but she desperately says she can't imagine my life without him, you'd better not resist, otherwise your daughter would ever blame you that you have destroyed her love.