All pediatricians, regardless of their medical views and treatment methods agree in the fact, as a child to potty train is to do it better, when the baby turns a year or two. Planting too early will only lead to the fact that the learning process is stretched in time.

Physical development of a child of six months, for example, already allows him to sit, but does not allow the muscles to retain stool. But after one and a half years, children may have to wait one or two minutes. However, the rate of maturation is still different, and someone's willingness, you may receive a little or much later, and it's absolutely fine.

Discussing how to teach a child to potty quickly, you need to clearly understand that none of the methods do not give significant results, if the baby is not ready for such a serious step.

There are several basic characteristics:

  • toddler imitates your actions, facial expressions
  • ceases to throw things and begins to fold them
  • knows how to deny and refuse
  • stand confidently, bends, sits and stands
  • can independently remove and put on panties
  • stays dry for two hours, no less

Where do you start and how pto riusciti the child to the potty? Find children's store pot the most striking, with a stable base, a tempting-looking. If the baby at the first planting will turn over, then you have a long time convince him to try again. Also give him the opportunity with the pot to see, using any suitable ways.

Before how to potty train a child, you need to ensure that the kid has learned: this plastic beauty is his personal property. Let your toddler feel it, to see, to sit on it and even bite and kick.

Let the pot standing in a conspicuous place in the gaming area, it will soon become habitual. If you don't know how to teach a child to potty, begin to drop the baby on it no more than once a day literally for a minute and always clothed. When you get used, can be planted without a diaper. And don't make in any case the child to sit force.

To understand how to teach a child to potty, you need to understand: your child should understand what is required of him. To do this, put it on the pot right after the moment he soiled the diaper, remove the wet clothes directly into the pot and put it inside the pot. The amazing ability of kids to learn immediately leads to the fact that they very quickly understand what is the meaning of such actions and then the process of addiction is quick.

Another tip on how to teach a child to potty – get him in the most probable time: after sleep, walking, eating. Happily admire a good result and in no case do not scold for mistakes. Remember: at night, the children still long to be able to control yourself as well as day. And the day may well embarrass years to 4 h. no deviations.