The easiest option is to write nothing and put in the status of the music you are currently listening to. Music is a great way to keep in touch with friends, when words are not enough.

What you are doing, what you think you feel

People are interested to know what you are doing, what they think and what they feel others. Do not neglect it. Write about how you feel and what you think. There is nothing more original than a self-expressed thought or opinion.


The day always starts differently, with a different mood. Sometimes there is a desire to philosophize and pull to Express something eternal and profound. But if the language of the poor and it stumbles with the language, don't be ashamed to borrow a saying from the Treasury of wise and famous. King Solomon, Sophocles, Confucius, famous writers and actors, athletes and prophets, artists and inventors have worked for you in the field of original phrases. So don't hesitate and use the experience of the great of this world.

Slogans and poems

A great way to be not only good friend but also a leader is to come up with any bright slogan or appeal. "Give the girls an angel!" - how true it sounds on the eve of March 8. You lead people, it's inspiring.
Any positive affirmation configures thoughts on the creative mood and very healthy. But if it is stated in the verse, it is also easy to remember.

Word game

Take any old phrase or popular expression or frequently used by people of the phrase. And redo it. Let's say you gained a few extra pounds, and you are overcome with the desire to inform the first comer, to share my soul in status. Do not rush to be boring and Intrusive. Write something original, for example: "I will dwell In weight."
The whole point of the game words that it sounds funny and intriguing at the same time, adding a statement a subtext.

Deliberate error

Write misspelled words and do it deliberately. Well, if it is concluded some kind of the play of meanings. "All your coupons to the Solarium seeded pale." Yes, at first glance, is a mistake, but if you look closely, no. Did not disdain to make obvious spelling errors. Provoke. "I intiresno who of you noticed?" Someone will pay attention and respond to you. At the same time and check friends on literacy. And remember the great and mighty native language.

Paradoxes and puns

The pun is on the words in the poems. The pun is repeated the same at first glance, the word. But they are two different words or phrases that sound the same. Sometimes the pun is the same word but in different senses. A great lover of puns was Mayakovsky. So you have someone to learn from. Of course, Mayakovsky lived in a different era, so try to stay in the trend. Do you like fishing? Be interesting. Tell us about it using the pun: "I'm not in the network, went to cast their nets".

The words of the song which you like

There are a lot of great songs. And there are just songs you like. Sometimes, some line in the chorus hook so that there is a desire to repeat it again and again. Line of a song, it is possible to decorate your status.

Japanese haiku

Japanese haiku is a short transmisja. Take the example of the Japanese ability to be brief and succinct. For writing haiku there is no need to suffer and pick up the rhymes. That they are good. The best haiku are written on the inhale and exhale. Breath first line. Exhale, the second and third.

Changes in life

It is not necessary to write about important events, although the birth of a child, marriage and other joyful changes in a person's life always attract the attention of others. But to share you something less significant. You have a new handbag, mobile phone, hair colour or car? So show off.

The Bible

It sounds like byword, but the old and New Testament have inspired and will inspire. And does not have to be a believer. In the Bible you can find a lot of interesting quotes.