So why family relationships are falling apart?

The reasons for the breakup can be very much, here are some of them:

The love is gone, the relationship has stalled. The husband and wife is very cold towards each other. They are more happy when the spouse is not around, and very irritated at each other, being together.

There is no common aspirations. Each of the spouses live their separate lives, their Hobbies and interests, is not interested in thoughts, dreams, and life in General your partner. They have no common aspirations, goals and ideas. Spouses do not live as one in a merger, but rather as if they are forced to do so. Or just out of habit.

The wife absolutely do not understand each other. Different people may have their point of view. But as they say, "we need to be so similar to understand each other, and something different to love each other". But do not understand the views of her husband and not respecting him are two different things.

Distrust of the spouse. Jealousy is not always a distrust of the partner, it could just be reluctance to lose him. But excessive jealousy can become an obsession, whereby it is able to transform the lives of both spouses to hell.

Incompatibility in bed. This is one of the most common problems for which couples break up. Sexual incompatibility often causes partners resentment growing into anger, which greatly violates the understanding between the spouses. Also because of sexual incompatibility, one partner goes to the side that the second is unlikely to forgive.

Often couples facing intimacy issues, I don't know how to behave in this situation, how to talk about it. And often in such cases, the partners turn in on themselves. Women are more deeply perceive such problems. Feeling the coldness from her husband, as a rule, they become very nervous and irritable. In the result of relationship problems only compounded.

So what can you do if the husband doesn't want his wife?

First, you need to calm down, to quietly try to determine the root of the problem. We should try to become calmer, to talk soft tone, not sarcastic and not to yell. Listen to your lover, try to understand it.
Try to listen and understand even the little things - for example, that today the car refueled with bad gasoline and it twitched all the way, etc.

Do not delay a solution to the problem, because the longer this situation lasts, the harder it will be to get out of it. The longer you hold yourself, the harder it will then go towards each other.

Don't be afraid to talk to your husband, because men, as a rule, even more afraid to start a sensitive conversation, though, and try very hard to hide it.

Learn to not only listen but also hear. Try to remove your inner barrier and do not take every word of her husband's hostility. Try to put yourself in his place, to look at the situation through his eyes. So you will be able to be objective and balanced.

Feel free to directly and openly talk with your husband, tell him about your thoughts and desires. After all, from fatigue and eternal employment he can simply get tired and forget that you need his attention. And this does not mean that you no longer love. This means that people just mired in work and he was very tired. Try to relax your spouse. You can cook dinner and sit alone, to talk peace. And before going to bed it is useful to make your loved one a relaxing massage.
Remember how happy you were together, and not be afraid, because you are strangers to each other people.

A simple relationship is not always something there are problems. But imagine, what is the chance that of the millions of people on earth you accidentally met each other and wanted to be together? There are no coincidences, and this means that you should be together and it is worth fighting for!

Try a more tolerant attitude to my husband, listen to him and give him your attention. Treat it with tenderness and understanding. And believe me, it will be like the echo that your husband will respond. Let it be not immediately, be patient because all good things come to those who wait!