You will need
  • - advertisement;
  • - set of keywords;
  • account in Yandex.
Log in to Yandex. If you do not have an account, sign up – it only takes a few minutes. It is from this mailbox, you will have access to your personal account where you can monitor your advertising campaign.
Go to the main page Yandex.Direct at
Click on the "post an ad".
Select the interface. In a "lightweight" interface, the system will independently monitor the progress of the campaign. However, practice shows that in most cases it will put you in not the best situation, in the end, you have to pay for advertising. In the "professional" interface, you will assign the CPC independently and be able to manage a campaign.
Set up your campaign. Set the time and region of the show. At first it would be better to disable all the extra – additional relevant phrases, thematic areas, etc. Upload your ad and set it to key words. For the selection keys use the service For an effective advertising campaign it is best to follow the rule "One ad – one key request".
Assign a cost per click. It is best to use the strategy of "Showing in the block at a minimum price" or "Highest available position". In order to be on the first page in the search results, bid on keywords not set below the rate of entrance in the warranty.
Wait for the outcome of the moderation and pay campaign.