For advertising you'll need to go to the official page in your browser window. To do this, open the program for viewing Internet pages and enter the service address in the address bar located at the top of the window.

After the page has loaded you will see a start page "Yandex.Direkt". Click on the "post an ad". In the pop-up window enter the login and password to access your account on "Yandex". You can enter the username you use to access mail "Yandex.Mail" or a purse "Yandex.Money." After entering the data, press "Enter".

If the login was successful, on the next page you will be prompted to specify the country in which you currently are. Click "Next". Before you will be shown the interface for adding ads.

Filling out information

Specify the region in which you would like to show the ad. For example, if your website or service is aimed at users of Moscow, check the corresponding item in the list. After selecting the regions, specify a title for the ad and its text. Include the address of the Internet resource, which describes the detailed information about the service.
Optionally, you can also specify the address of your company and contact telephone number by ticking appropriate section.

Specify the key phrase, in response to which the user will see your ad. The key phrase represent phrases that the user will most likely enter a search string "Yandex". Key phrases should describe your services and type of services that you offer.

Next you will be asked to choose a strategy of showing ads. Choose the most suitable option in accordance with the budget that you want to select, or based on the type of services that you offer. Optionally, you may select the hours during which day will the ad.
After registration, your email box will receive a letter of notification of the need to recharge or change the status of your order.

Confirmation and payment

At the bottom of the page, enter your contact information and accept the contract offer, then click "Send announcement to check." After a few hours you will receive a notification email on the successful creation of the block. Click the link in the email and select the method of payment of advertising services. Fill out your payment information, enter the secret word and make the payment in accordance with the instructions on the screen, and then ordered the ad will be activated on the pages of "Yandex" and on partner sites.