You will need
  • computer;
  • - installed package of Microsoft Office programs.
Use a plug-in for Microsoft Office to build a chart in Word. This application called "Grapher". It allows you to draw a graph of the given function in Word in the form of polylines. Download the add the link install it on the computer. Start Word, build a data table for the graph of a function.
To enable running macros to use the add-ons. To do this go to menu "tools", select "Macro" then "Security". In the opened window, select low or medium security level. You also need to install support for Visual Basic for Applications.
Turn on the button Builder to activate, click the menu "View", select "Toolbar" – command Graph Builder. Or right-click the mouse on any toolbar and check the box next Graph Builder. Click "Start plotter" on the screen a dialog box appears in which you must set to create a graph in Word.
Select the checkboxes next to those graph elements that you want to display on the screen. If necessary, turn on the display grid, axis labels, arrows, tick marks. Next F(x)= click with left mouse button on the arrow, you can choose to build the function.
Select the radio button next to the coordinate system (Cartesian or polar). Select the desired precision for the build (high or medium). Next select the grid size (enter the desired numeric values in the appropriate fields).
Install the desired unit graphics (points or millimeters). Go to the tab "table of values" and in the corresponding fields refer to the values that you want to use to plot functions in Word. Select the desired language and click "Paint".