A wide range of exfoliating

Means to exfoliate skin today there are many. Each of them has its indications, individual content, and method of application. Understanding the features of modern tools, you can easily choose the perfect for your skin.

The most common are scrubs. It's ubiquitous and easy to use. In General, the scrub consists of two parts: basics and special fine particles. The latter are mostly of natural origin: crushed sea salt, sand, shell, apricot pits, oatmeal, etc. In the substrate in the scrub are cream, clay or gel.

Peeling has a more liquid consistency. Particles in this smaller, more evenly and exfoliates the skin softer. Often the composition of the peeling includes special fruit acids, which return the epidermis radiance and elasticity by stimulating the production of new cells. The difference between scrub and peeling, there are the method of application. Second the product does not just apply and wash off and requires to hold on your face for a few minutes as a mask.
All tools almost equally affect the upper layer of the skin. They remove dead skin particles, clean and return the Shine. After the procedure the skin is better oxygenated.

Gommage is a unique tool for gentle removal of dead skin particles. It contains no traumatic elements, but relates to a chemical method of exfoliation. Using them is simple: apply the scrub on the face, wait for complete drying and to remove in a circular motion with the surface of the skin.

Exfoliant called bystrootverdevayuschey tool. The composition also includes a fruit acid, so dead skin cells are removed not only mechanically but also chemically dissolved. After this "double impact" experts recommend not to go out in the sun and to use protective equipment.

What kind of exfoliator to choose

These means are, at first glance, differ from each other slightly. However, the choice should be done very carefully: incorrectly chosen cosmetics can harm your skin. To avoid the negative consequences will help the advice of experts.

The scrubs are perfect for young girls with a healthy skin. You should not use the product if there are wounds or inflammation. Apply a scrub for sensitive skin only under one condition: if particles are of synthetic origin (e.g., balls).

The scrub is perfect for those with a sensitive, delicate, oily skin. Acts very gently, so it can be used upon boils. However, in this case, the dried product it does not "roll" and rinse with warm water.
Cosmetics for exfoliation, you must use caution. None of the funds is not recommended for the eye area – it can be easy to injure.

Exfoliant you can use for almost everyone. The only exceptions are holders of a highly sensitive type of skin: fruit acids can cause an allergic reaction.

But the peeling is particularly recommended in older women. He's great with fine wrinkles, removes age spots and helps to get rid of unpleasant scars. Be sure to spend allergodil, after inflicting a little money on the elbow.