Advice 1: What to do if ex-wife is manipulating the child against the father

The process of building a relationship with his ex-wife - a long and laborious work that I need to survive with honor. The reward for restraint and wisdom will be a good attitude towards you your child.
What to do if ex-wife is manipulating the child against the father
Unfortunately, the situation of divorce in families is becoming widespread. Primarily this affects children who are forced to choose which side of the parents need to take. One of the most painful problems in divorced families is the behavior of the former spouse who is struggling to set the child against his father. How can the man behave in such a difficult situation?

How to behave with ex-wife

You need to figure out and understand why a woman does that. Such behavior there are a number of explanations.
Divorced woman feels hurt, abandoned and betrayed, particularly if the divorce was initiated by men.
It is quite clear that while in this state, a woman wants her ex-husband had experienced similar feelings. One of the means to achieve this goal is the use of a child, turning him against his father. The best thing a man can do in this situation is to give your wife a time to rethink, to come to, to get out of depression. Only when the woman is aware of the incident the divorce and will begin to calm down, you can try to build the constructive dialogue about your child. Talk calmly, don't allow aggressive behavior towards her, build the conversation only about your relationship with your children, not to find out your personal relationship since such behavior can only make the problem worse. You must make every effort to achieve this goal.

How to behave with the child

Success in establishing a relationship with the child largely depends on what kind of mood his father how he behaves with him.
Despite all attempts of the mother to set the child against the Pope, the man must find the strength to communicate with the child.
Explain to your child the situation, but try to make it non-judgmental and neutral. In no case do not blame his ex-wife and refrain from negative comments in her direction. The child should see that you treat his mother with respect, because it is very important at any age. Try as often as possible to make contact and spend more time together.

Building a dialogue with children and ex-wife, you should have patience. This is a very long and laborious process. In search of answers for the solution to your problems, you can seek the assistance of the psychological literature or consult a good marriage counselor.

Advice 2 : How to seize a child from his ex-wife

According to the Family code, parents have equal rights to your child. If, after the divorce of their minor citizen educates mother and does it well enough, father can take the child himself, but only on the basis of court orders.
How to seize a child from his ex-wife
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - proof of income;
  • - characteristic;
  • the act of examination of housing members of the housing Commission and bodies of guardianship and guardianship;
  • reference from drug abuse dispensary.
To seize the child from the former wife, see the statement in arbitration court. In the statement, specify the reason that prompted you to pick up from the mother of a minor citizen.
To the court you will need to submit the income certificate of the unified form 2-NDFL, the characterization of the place of work and residence the certificate of inspection of your living conditions by the Commission of administration and conditions for accommodation of minors. The last conclusion gives the Commission from bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
In addition, you must obtain the conclusion of narcological and psychiatric clinics, proving your state of health. If you are or have been registered at these hospitals, then your chances of getting a child are significantly reduced.
The same documents will be required from your ex-wife, as the court will proceed from the interests of the minor citizen and carefully examine your documents.
If the conditions of life of the child from the mother worse than you, it is not a sufficient reason to transfer a juvenile to you. Good enough reasons for giving up the child to the father can serve a situation when ex-wife leads a riotous life, no job, abuse of psychotropic or narcotic substances, alcoholic beverages, abused child.
When the child reaches the age of 10 years the court takes into account his opinion on with whom from parents he wishes to live, but this opinion cannot be decisive when making decisions.
Don't forget to pick up a minor you can't do that if the divorce took place because of your ill-treatment of mother or child. And also if you did not participate in the upbringing of the child, not pay child support, have no conditions for the full education, not working and misuse of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances.
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