Different hair colors a lot, when choosing the desired shade you can get lost in such abundance. It's especially hard for those who want to color my hair for the first time. The easiest option is to contact a professional hairdresser who will be able to advise and find the right paint. Hair color should always match the image and color, i.e. the color type, the color black gives the pallor of the skin, beige and warmth.
If your hair has light color, you can purchase a beige color large not working, how to lighten strands is not required. Brunettes and brown first need clarification.
Having lots of gray hair, you can easily get the beige color, because gray tresses are coarse textured and well painted in bright colors. If less than a third of your hair is gray, the tone of paint is better to choose slightly lighter than the natural hair. Or the color that match with the natural.
If you have a clearly defined haircut, the hair should be painted completely in beige color, highlights should not do. Decide to start, whether you want to dye the hair resistant paint, gentle and quickly washed or tonic, which is enough only for the first hair wash.
Paint can be selected in any supermarket or cosmetics store, seller-consultant will answer your questions. For long hair one pack beige paint will not be enough. You can mix two similar colors of one brand that will give your hair an unusual shade of beige.
Apply the paint needed to dry hair, the shoulders, cover with a towel, on your hands be sure to wear gloves, otherwise it can hurt the skin. In the package with paint there is an instruction to be explored before the procedure. Start to RUB the paint with the hair roots when all the roots are covered, begin to apply paint to the rest of the hair. Use with wooden or plastic comb.
After that, leave the paint on is the number of minutes indicated in the instructions, after this time wash off the paint and apply a top coat. After a few minutes, rinse your hair one last time, blot with a towel and blow dry.