Demeter Fragrance Peony

Pure peony can be found in the collection Demeter Fragrance. The brand became famous for his monoaromatic, among which we can find any smell of pastries from a nearby coffee shop, the scent of asphalt after a heavy summer rain, old books and frosty morning. Floral collection Demeter also varied. If you want to feel only subtle and gentle fragrance of peony, without a frame in the form of additional notes, giving it a greater poignancy or, on the contrary, vigour, this perfume is your choice.

Mademoiselle Ricci L'eau By Nina Ricci

At Nina Ricci also has a peony fragrance. In delicate light pink, tied with ribbon, bottle hides a thin and powdery, but it is cheerful and spring flavor. Mademoiselle Ricci L'eau is a mix of peony rose lychee and sourness. Light and airy, it is associated with the Paris in the morning. It's day romantic perfume that will help to make your look feminine and graceful.
The predecessor of Mademoiselle Ricci L'eau - Mademoiselle Ricci main note was not a peony, and wild rose in the vicinity of the white tree, oleander, musk, rose and pink pepper.

Secret Crush Victoria's Secret

Secret Crush – peony a real fairy, sweet and seductive. Rich peony mingles with the aroma of pear, reminiscent of a hot summer, and soft peach colours. Bright Secret Crush – not an office perfume, it is rich and does not hesitate to Express themselves, but for traveling, walking and Hiking with friends with the Park attraction is hardly possible to find something better.

Flora by Gucci Gucci

Flora by Gucci, low – key and noble, but incredibly feminine fragrance. Peony in it is combined with citrus, sandalwood, osmanthus, rose, sweet Mandarin, patchouli and pink pepper. "Flora" is a universal perfume that will be appropriate in the office, and at the evening date.
Unlike the vast majority pionowych flavors, dressed in frivolous pink bottles, Flora by Gucci is decorated in a very restrained bottle smoked glass tied with black ribbon.

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet Dior 2011

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet 2011 – a floral-chypre fragrance. This is most clearly audible note it is the peony, however, in composition, besides that, there are rose, citrus, musk and patchouli. Fresh peony with green notes looks great as a daytime perfume. It is unobtrusive, so it is possible to put to work, and a walk around the city.