Advice 1: How many den are the women's tights

When choosing tights, it is important to choose the right density. This parameter is measured in DEN – the higher the score, the denser and warmer the tights. The appropriate option depends on the destination of the products, and also the season.
How many den are the women's tights

Thin women's pantyhose

The subtle tights are of extremely low density – only 6-10 DEN. Even if it is not about the products, Nude, legs are almost invisible, because it is made of ultra-thin fabric. These tights are used in situations where the presence of this garment is dictated by etiquette, but the girl does not want to wear the classic "visible" products.
Unfortunately, most ultra-thin models 6-10 DEN can be safely attributed to the category of disposable. They are very easy to break. To wear these things every day is impractical and impractical.

Thin tights, the density of which is 10-15 DEN, traditionally used in hot summer days. They are inconspicuous on the legs and not cause any discomfort because it does not make the outfit even more hot. This is perfect for everyday use. Note, however, that such products are dense enough to serve for a long time. If handled carelessly, they will be very easy to spoil.

How much den has to be in tight tights

Classic version – pantyhose 20-30 DEN. They enjoy the highest popularity, so manufacturers offer these products in various shades, and they produce glossy and matte models with patterns. This wonderful tights for walking, office work, social and business events, parties.
Often these products are of uneven density: they may have padded shorts, toes and heels. This allows you to extend the life of things, without spoiling their aesthetics.

Tights 40 DEN is also very popular. They are perfect for cool summer days, as well as for use in autumn and spring. Moreover, these products are of versatility: since they are made of a thick fabric, manufacturers can produce massage, slimming, support model with a density of 40 DEN.

Opaque tights 50-100 DEN help protect feet from cold and to cover them. This is a good option for those who need to figure modeling. Thick black tights, make legs much slimmer visually and warm them. If you choose the model of the spring or of autumn, and for winter, buy tights 100-180 DEN. Models with fleece and products made from quality wool, will save you from hypothermia even in the cold.

Advice 2: How to choose tights to the dress

Tights – probably one of the most valuable inventions in women's fashion. And an indispensable attribute of any woman's closet. For all its plainness, it requires careful handling. In any place you can find "fashion victims" that careless selection of tights ruined their image. So you were not one of them offered some advice.
How to choose tights to the dress
The thinner the dress – the smaller "den" in the tights, that is they are more transparent and leaner. Evening or light summer dress is unacceptable to wear tights with shorts and black socks.
Nude and black color tights – a classic of the genre. They fit perfectly to any bathroom. Remember that black tights slim the legs and add light volume. By the way, many aristocratic families still considered that black tights are a great option for evening dress, and the appearance in them is appropriate only after 7 PM.
Today a huge popular colored tights. There are a few rules of their combination with the dress. So, tights (must be aged one of the principles):- should have paired accessory in the outfit – for example a handbag, gloves, scarf of the same color;
- should be same color as shoes. This option, incidentally, is also visually lengthens legs;
- must match the color of the bottom of the toilet (for example, Burgundy tights to the dress with purple skirt);
- can have the same color as the dress but slightly more warm or cold shade;
- solid colored tights – perfect for dresses with a print pattern. Color of tights should overlap with the color details or background of the picture.
Fishnet tights, tights with a pattern reminiscent of a tattoo – a must-have in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas. But what to wear? The best companion for fishnet tights will be easy cocktail dress made of fine cloth and lace.
Don't be afraid to experiment, but remember that it is better to "under" than "over-".

Advice 3: How to choose tights

Tights – an important part of the female wardrobe. A huge selection to choose a very difficult. Tights come in various colors, with lace or without, insulated or summer. Before you buy something, you need to decide what you want to wear them. Note some features of the choice of tights.
How to choose tights
The thickness is indicated in DEN. The lower the value, the thinner the tights.
In hot weather or for various events (dinners, parties, theatres) you need to choose a pantyhose with a density of 15 DEN.
Tights 40 DEN wear usually in the fall and spring, they are medium density and in the summer they will be hot.
But the density of 50-180 DEN suited for cold seasons or for the treatment of varicose vein disease.
To make the tights longer worn, please note the amount of Lycra). It should not be less than 10%. That's how much percent of the additives of this material provides a long wear pantyhose. If you find that this value is much higher, it's therapeutic pantyhose (medical). If the lycra is less than 10%, then they should not be taken, they will stretch and lose the original appearance.
Warm tights added acrylic (artificial wool). They are characterized by their softness, they are warm and cozy in the cold. But, they quickly form pellets.
Tights with cotton gusset can be worn without underwear.
To choose under a short skirt you need tights with no shorts. With shorts can be worn under longer skirts or breeches.
Tightsthat model figure, have a density of 180 DEN and marked with the inscription "UP".
To prevent varicose veins choose marked "Support". Their density varies from 50 to 100 DEN.
Medical types of pantyhose which have anti-cellulite effect or impregnated with medical preparations, can buy in the pharmacy. On the packaging there should be an inscription "Cleresse".
When buying any varieties of pantyhose will pay close attention to the toe. It needs to be tight, otherwise the tights will last very long.
Size you need to pick up focusing on the words: S – small, M – medium, L – large, XL – very large.
View the letter on the box with tights and compare it with the table on the back of the pack. Let's see what size it corresponds to.
The color of the tights should match the color of the clothes, but to be a tone lighter your shoes.
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