Thin women's pantyhose

The subtle tights are of extremely low density – only 6-10 DEN. Even if it is not about the products, Nude, legs are almost invisible, because it is made of ultra-thin fabric. These tights are used in situations where the presence of this garment is dictated by etiquette, but the girl does not want to wear the classic "visible" products.
Unfortunately, most ultra-thin models 6-10 DEN can be safely attributed to the category of disposable. They are very easy to break. To wear these things every day is impractical and impractical.

Thin tights, the density of which is 10-15 DEN, traditionally used in hot summer days. They are inconspicuous on the legs and not cause any discomfort because it does not make the outfit even more hot. This is perfect for everyday use. Note, however, that such products are dense enough to serve for a long time. If handled carelessly, they will be very easy to spoil.

How much den has to be in tight tights

Classic version – pantyhose 20-30 DEN. They enjoy the highest popularity, so manufacturers offer these products in various shades, and they produce glossy and matte models with patterns. This wonderful tights for walking, office work, social and business events, parties.
Often these products are of uneven density: they may have padded shorts, toes and heels. This allows you to extend the life of things, without spoiling their aesthetics.

Tights 40 DEN is also very popular. They are perfect for cool summer days, as well as for use in autumn and spring. Moreover, these products are of versatility: since they are made of a thick fabric, manufacturers can produce massage, slimming, support model with a density of 40 DEN.

Opaque tights 50-100 DEN help protect feet from cold and to cover them. This is a good option for those who need to figure modeling. Thick black tights, make legs much slimmer visually and warm them. If you choose the model of the spring or of autumn, and for winter, buy tights 100-180 DEN. Models with fleece and products made from quality wool, will save you from hypothermia even in the cold.