Advice 1: What to get husband sister's birthday

When a new family member, you need to try to establish the most warm and friendly relations. Therefore, when the sister there is the husband, you have him choose and give gifts for the holidays.
What to get husband sister's birthday

What to give for the birthday of my husband's sister, if no ideas really

If you aren't too familiar with each other, it is better to start with neutral gifts that are exactly like any man. This, for example, may be a computer device – a joystick for games, music speakers or a subwoofer, a webcam, or memory card.

If my sister's husband motorist, you can choose a car, GPS Navigator DVR, car TV or a Cape massager on the driver's seat.

In that case, if you know the musical preferences of the birthday boy, you can give two tickets to the concert of his favorite performer or a disk with musical notes.
If you choose artist it will be difficult, ask for help from your sister. Surely she knows the tastes of his beloved.

You can also give her husband a sister gym membership or pool and if the money to pay for travel to another city or countryside tour on the coming weekend.

In the case that the husband your wife enjoys fishing, it can be safely give a variety of fishing tackle, but it will be nice if you do, a little bit will understand this issue or consult with a specialist.

If you are familiar with for many years

It also happens that you are my husband and sisters have long been familiar, fairly close contact, and the relationship you have a pretty familiar way. In this case, a good option for a gift would be a sweater or shirt.
In order not to miscalculate the size, you can ask the sister to accompany you while shopping or to get her to try on a shirt of her husband.

We must not forget that men are big kids. It is very likely that the birthday boy will be happy funny t-shirt or a funny ashtray.

A good gift will be a beautiful towel in a gift box, men's Bathrobe and other bath accessories (the same broom, for example, or Slippers).

It is not necessary to give

But there are things that do not give. In the first place, that knives and other sharp objects. Having decided to give hunting knife, grab him with birthday a couple of cents.

You should also not buy a watch. It is believed that the gift precedes the breakup.

Not to give too intimate things – underwear, socks and the like. Better let such things does the wife of the birthday boy.

If you are still in doubt with the choice of a gift, feel free to consult with her sister. Surely she knows what her husband wants, and will not give him what you are going to give on his birthday.

Advice 2: What to get husband for birthday

What to present a gift to your spouse on his birthday? Almost all men appreciate the things they can be useful for some things. It needs to be practical and sturdy item that they need today or in the future. You need to give the man that which corresponds to his present or future plans. How would men like to be modest on this account, and to receive gifts they are also nice, like women and children.
What to get husband for birthday

Gifts related to his passion. Many men usually have one or more Hobbies. So the gift associated with the hobby is likely to be welcomed. My husband will be very pleased that his significant other understands how important it is for him a favorite pastime. If your man belongs to the category of avid hunters or anglers, then a great gift would be a new backpack, compass, binoculars, thermos etc. the Athlete should appeal to sports glasses, various accessories for a particular sport, which deals with your spouse. If he is passionate about music, then give him a ticket for a performance of his favorite band. This may also include and various items for auto: the wallet of the driver, wrap with massage effect, car organizers, DVR. Gifts for a holiday house. You can give your spouse any electronic equipment, ranging from small TVs, gaming consoles and ending with the grinder. If your husband loves to wallow in a weekend of the TV, you can give the speakers to TV, headphones, movie theater or blanket with a pillow. Gave as a present to the ashtray with a special device "Atidim". Also you can surprise the wife with a gift for the interior - something that will look nice in the corner of the apartment where the beloved spends a lot of time. For example, it can be a stylish floor lamp or an elegant office chair that is wrapped in leather. Gifts for his work. Of course, this can be a variety of accessories that serve to create the business image. This can be a pen, a stylish briefcase, organizer, as well as a variety of home furnishings for the workplace: digital photo frame, floor vase, etc. Gifts for the appearance. Your husband will not abandon SPA products. For example, the kit can include shower gels, different scrubs, shaving foam, cooling gel for legs, etc. From clothes is to give underwear, shirts and suits (if you know the size), ties. In General, most men are happy when they give, and accessories such as wallets, belts, lighters, cufflinks. Whichever gift you choose, as long as it was presented from the heart and with love.

Advice 3: Gift ideas for a birthday

Birthday — a special holiday for each person. What to give that person liked and was not unnecessary.
Gift ideas for a birthday
Standard gifts: flowers, chocolates, perfumes, soft toys, Souvenirs. Standard — does not mean bad. Besides, these gifts can serve as a Supplement to something original.
Money are often given to close family members. Or those who are very hard to please with a gift. Besides, there are people who are asked to give them money, and they themselves will buy what they need. The presentation was a little more interesting — you can write on the envelope, for example: "on a trip to Paris" or "new couch".
One of the most useful and functional gifts. On the other hand, buying a microwave, mixer or refrigerator, you give him no particular person, but of his whole family. Usually such gifts made to give to relatives when you know exactly what this thing is needed and haven't bought yourself. Well, romantics, waiting for a miracle, unlikely to be happy vacuum cleaner as a gift.
It can be decorative vases, beautiful glassware, paintings, bedspreads or linen. In this case, you need to know very well the taste of the birthday boy.
Gift certificates.
A perfect gift for girls — a certificate in Spa, store cosmetics or underwear. Distributed certificates to restaurants, clothing stores and bookstores. This gift will indicate its value.
Gym membership.
Gorgeous gift, if only the birthday boy yet such subscription and have at least a small desire to start a new life.
Tickets to the theater or to a concert. One ticket is not rid of, as in such places decided to go with the company. Therefore, it is better to give two tickets to the birthday boy could someone invite, and hope that he will invite you.
Individual Souvenirs.
You can order a mug, glasses, t-shirt and even a cake with any inscription or picture.
Something made with your own hands.
This can be, for example, a toy or salads in a beautiful package. This souvenir will be a great addition to the "money" gift.
It is not necessarily the geranium (although you can give her). In the sale is a beautiful large Yucca and dracaena, which will decorate any interior.
"Shared" gift.
If you go to the birthday company, we can negotiate and give one gift from everyone. Indeed, in this case it is possible to buy already something more substantial, make sure you have dreamed about it birthday boy.
That is not accepted to give.
Underwear, cosmetics give only close people.
To give a clock, towel, knife, pearl, mirror — a bad omen.
That "hints" at age such as wrinkle cream (even if it is very expensive).
That could offend people. Be very careful with "humorous" gifts.
Be careful with "live" gifts. If you want to present a gift of an adorable puppy, kitten or parrot — you need to be absolutely sure that the person really wants the animal and he has a chance to contain a pet. And this gift still is better not to do without warning.
Useful advice
To know what a man wants on birthday, do not have to ask him directly, otherwise the surprise will not work. Ask his family what he wants. Also many now are so-called wish list (wish lists) to social networks — check it out.

Advice 4: What to give wife on birthday

Millions of men are scratching their heads over the question of what to give for the birthday of his beloved wife. There really is something to think about. Especially if you are married not the first year and gave his beloved, it would seem that all that is possible. But do not worry, because there are many things that can please a woman.
What to give wife on birthday
First of all, to reflect what kind of person is your wife and what gift would suit her more: the practical or romantic.

Practical gifts

Those usually involve things that can be used by woman as decoration or to care for themselves, but also techniques applicable in everyday life.

You can please your favorite expensive perfume, as it is a win-win. But only if you know which flavor is preferred by your spouse. A rare woman would refuse jewelry, if it is chosen in accordance to her tastes.
Moreover, a woman can please a nail set or a different kind of "beauty tools" like hair dryers, depilatories, ploek, etc.

With regard to home appliances, perhaps most women today already have everything you need for the household: crock pots, blenders, mixers, microwave ovens, irons, washing machines. By the way, if something of the above you have not, take note. But not every housewife is such a useful helpmate in life as a dishwasher.
This gift is especially needed if you have a large family.

Technique can be not only domestic, but also digital. A new phone (or smartphone), tablet, camera, digital photo frame, e-book – all this is very true for modern women.

The vast majority of women are not averse to a gift certificate to a clothing store, cosmetics or the same equipment. Then your spouse will be able to choose a gift according to the taste and to do so at any convenient time for her.

Romantic gifts

Now it's time to move on to the second category of gifts. If your favorite romantic, she'll probably be glad of a huge beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Flowers can be delivered by courier directly to the place of work of your spouse that will be a pleasant surprise for her, especially if the bouquet will be presented to the admiring gaze of her colleagues.

In addition, your wife probably will not refuse to dinner at an expensive restaurant, a trip through the city in a limousine, horse-drawn carriage or by boat.

You can also try the option of pet. A small furry pet (whether kitten or puppy) with the bow in the neck, snoring in a wicker basket, can touch the heart of most ladies. However, consider carefully before making such a gift.

Today it has become fashionable to give certificates for the photo shoot. Personal portfolio made by a professional photographer, making almost any woman. The photo shoot can be family, which includes you and your children. These images will please your wife for many years.

If resources permit, one hundred percent hit the target will be present in the form of a romantic trip for two. Especially valuable such a gift would be in the cold season, when all the ladies really miss the sun, warmth and bright colors. But try to make the trip coincided with the release of your wife, not to cause her any unnecessary trouble at work.

If your wife is not afraid of heights, a wonderful and unique gift would be a flight in a hot air balloon (of course, for two). This is what will be remembered of her life.

Whatever your gift, as long as it was done from the heart. Try to give him all my love and gratitude. Don't forget to add a sincere and gentle words, and will surround the beloved with care and attention to this important day for her. Give her not only the gift, but also a sense of celebration.

Advice 5: What to gift sister on birthday

In Russia, probably, as in many other countries, it is customary to give gifts to your relatives and friends for various holidays. One of such important events is the day of birth.
What to gift sister on birthday

How to choose a gift for my sister

Gift, prepared on the day of birth should be restricted to the birthday girl. Some people make a gift to the sister, and then come daily and take away it for personal use.
If you really want your sister to please, it is better to spend a little time and make a truly wonderful gift.

There are lots of ideas and gift options for your sister. The choice depends on your capabilities financially. You can buy for a loved one from cute trinkets to the apartment. Importantly, the desire to do something nice for someone close to you was sincere.

What to give younger sister

A birthday party for your little sister needs to turn into a fairy tale if its age does not exceed 13 years. However, you do not get any tales if you will not prepare for the birthday girl the gift she wants most of all, because children have a lot of dreams, so you should just ask your sister what she wants more than anything that she would like to receive as a gift. For example, you can give a doll with this option will never regret it, because girls from dolls just crazy. And toys of this kind does not happen much. But buying a doll, please note which doll is not yet in the collection of your sister.
Donated toys should have a luxurious outfit and lots of accessories.

Teens love to use various gadgets. You can purchase a gift for a teenage sister a new cell phone or smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop or netbook, new computer keyboard with a bright backlight, high-quality headphones, or something else. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated.

A gift for his older sister

If sister your age or older than you, on her birthday can make a more interesting gift. To make the final choice must be for some time to imagine yourself in her place. Because she is the mother your man and you know her tastes, so we just need to consider what kind of emotions will cause one or the other thing.

If finances allow you, you can give her sister a journey to another country or a trip to the resort. For lovers of kitchen utensils you can buy household appliances, e.g., coffee grinder, juicer, microwave, food processor, steamer, blender, coffee machine, pressure cooker, mixer, slow cooker or grill.

Advice 6: What to give 2 year relationship

Two years is a serious date, because not all couples are able to cross this milestone. This day just needs to celebrate, and of course, without a gift in this case can not do, and that is what you need to think twice.
What to give beloved 2 year relationship? This question can not be answered unequivocally, so variants can be very much important among these ideas to choose the one that will surprise mate, and therefore, the gift sink into the heart. Thus, the girl will get her favorite for sure will never forget.

Useful gifts

In order to please a loved one, you should get him something useful. So, he probably has a hobby, so the gift interest is the ideal choice. If the other half can't live without my "iron" friend, then you should buy any automotive accessory. This can be as a flavoring in the original bottle as a cute toy, which will decorate the interior of his car will remind him of the giver. For sports enthusiasts, a good gift would be a gym membership, you can even buy two to get time to be together.

Romantic gifts

The celebration of the anniversary of the relationship just can't do without romantic gifts. When there is free money, you can give a loved one a trip for two to some exotic country. If you choose a gift easier, you can order the original jeweler rings or necklaces that will tell others that these 2 people love each other. You don't even have to do thing in order, and keep an eye on in the shop 2 of the same ring or bracelet and to make a commemorative inscription.

Gifts with meaning

No doubt, 2 years for a pair time solid, so you can give gifts with meaning. So, a great idea will be a mug with a portrait of the donor, as a result it will each morning to enjoy the gift and remember his beloved. In addition, you can make a collage of your joint photos, at the same time it will be possible to recall the history of the photo.

Unusual gifts

Modern girls like to surprise their loved ones, and often they do not stop before anything. So, for a great moment as a gift you can present inflammatory East dance. If you have time, you can learn to Striptease, and then to demonstrate their skills. Such a gift from a loved one will go around the head, he may even make his beloved offer. She will only accept him until he changed his mind.

Advice 7: Is it possible to send on birthday watch

The world is full of prejudices and superstitions. According to one watch, like kitchen knives, not to give for the occasion. Whence came this belief? After hours can be a practical and stylish gift.
Is it possible to send on birthday watch

Why not give watches

There are three the most famous and common versions of explaining the undesirability of such a gift, like a clock. According to the first sharp and piercing-cutting items as gift is not suitable, because they can "cut the friendship and happiness." Such items include knives, forks, scissors, and a watch. The fact that the clock is usually pointed. It is therefore considered accessory came in the prohibited list of gifts. Believed existed in the West, sharp objects can attract evil spirits. However, she goes to the person who receives such a gift. This can lead to conflict different conflict situations between the giver and the birthday boy.

Home to the second signs is China. According to Eastern tradition, the watch was handed to man, symbolizing the invitation to the funeral. The Europeans understand this belief differently, but each version sounds rather menacing. So, some interpretiruya this gift in the following way: the clock is ticking until the death of the birthday child and their stop will stop his life. Other people believe that the clock measures time to the separation from the person handing them. The third group of people believes that the gift carries a secret meaning, which implies the wish of death birthday.

The third sign is lit that with the watch the honoree receive misery, pain, emptiness, disappointment in life.

Is it possible to give the watch lover

There is a separate belief related exclusively to people with to each other sincere feelings. It is believed that the watch, a gift your loved one will certainly lead to misunderstandings and conflict in the pair, which will be followed by a breakup.


To summarize, we can conclude that even if the donor – the person asevery, it is better to refuse from such a gift, like a clock. Because it is impossible to be absolutely sure that the birthday boy doesn't believe in various omens and superstitions. Most often the influence of superstition subject to the fair sex. Therefore, even incredibly beautiful and stylish watch, presented to him as a gift, can spoil a holiday, immersing her in gloomy thoughts. The old and elderly, too, may upset and even offend such a gift.

However, you can safely give a watch collectors these accessories or to people who probably don't believe in luck. Men are often glad of officer hours. So this gift may like brother, dad, grandfather. Especially if in advance to talk with them about it. And best of all, handing over watch on the occasion of birthday, take birthday boy a coin. You have to cheat omen, making a clock is not a gift, and commodity.

Advice 8: What to give wife for the birth of a child

The birth of a child is a happy event in the family, which should not pass without gifts. The main surprise already gave you your spouse, so you should definitely thank her.
What to give wife for the birth of a child

It is not necessary to give to the wife for child birth?

If your significant other gave birth to you daughter or son, you should not give her items that will be useful for the baby. Diapers, undershirts, other clothes, personal hygiene items, dressers, changing tables, high chairs, walkers, jumpers and toys - all this, of course, will be a gift, here is just it will not be your favorite woman and your newborn child.

What you can buy in a gift to his wife who gave birth to a child?

First and foremost, you can pay attention to useful gifts that will help your spouse to restore your body after childbirth. In this case, would be appropriate subscriptions to spas, fitness clubs, massage, gift certificates for cosmetics and perfumes, as well as shapewear.

The second option may be gift basket with various fruits and different varieties of tea. Remember that after the birth your wife will have to limit their consumption of some products, so if you decided to give her something to eat, you can exclude from gift chocolate, coffee and some fruits that are forbidden for lactating mothers.

In addition, beloved wives for the birth of children can give beautiful jewelry. The son usually present the ring, and for the daughter - earrings. You can also go shopping together with your partner and allow her to choose a dress that she liked.

To any gift intended for the woman he loved that gave you a charming toddler must be accompanied by flowers. Certainly over the years of your life you have already learnt the tastes of your other half, so choose a bouquet that will have her soul, you will have no difficulty. You may not even be limited to one bouquet and plenty of fresh flowers and to decorate the whole house. Perfect rose petals in the bathtub filled with foam and warm water. From a romantic evening your spouse will definitely be happy.

And remember that the most precious gift you can give to your beloved wife is your attention, care and help around the house. After childbirth a woman has very difficult, especially, need to take into account the fatigue that occurs because of the constant baby care. Be patient and gentle with your partner, help her cope with the baby, only then your family will reign harmony, peace, harmony and love.

Advice 9: What to give dad on February 23

In addition to her husband, or a young man in a girl's life there is one important to her man – her father. So on the eve of February 23 all decent daughters are scratching their heads over what to give their dadshow to make the gift was unusual and pleased the recipient.
What to give dad on February 23
The easiest way to deal with fathers who have a hobby. Then your dad probably had told you how he needs a new lure, a useful gadget for the computer or what model of plane is missing in his collection. So why not surprise a loved one with the fact that he really wants to. If you absolutely do not understand the Hobbies of your father and can't tell a screwdriver from a screwdriver, go to the store with dad. It will be much better than wasted money on the wrong thing.
Surely your dad was in the army with nostalgia and fond memories of military service and combat comrades. As of February 23, the still the defenders of the Fatherland Day, give dad something associated with his service: helmet - tanker vest - marine, rubber boots with a grunt. The gift may not be too useful on the farm, but will make dad smile.
It is not true that men rejoice donated socks and shaving foam. Men are big children, and fathers are no exception to this rule, no matter how many years they were not. Most dads will be happy with the binoculars, the compass, a good pocket knife.
On a holiday you can indulge little weaknesses of your loved ones. A great gift would be a bottle of good liquor – brandy or whiskey. You can also give a flask – army or, on the contrary, silver with the state symbols. Smoking fathers as a gift to a comfortable fit petrol lighter and cigarette case.
In childhood you were told that the best gift for parents is made by hand. This Board is quite suitable for girls who engaged in hand-made and quite gifted in this matter. If you hated in school lessons, for jokes you can add the portrait of Pope your execution to the main gift, and then with his father to laugh at art.
Useful advice
Choosing a gift for dad, remember that for any parent the nice thing is that the daughter does not forget him, and no matter blue or red "Parker," you choose him in the end.
Is the advice useful?