In the construction and design often use polyurethane, polyvinylchloride and polystyrene foam boards with different density depending on the method of processing.

The area of application of foam

The foam is the universal heat insulation and sound insulation material, widely used in construction. It is often used for heat insulation of walls both inside and outside. Foam plates are also filled compartments of small vessels, which significantly increase their buoyancy. This material is irreplaceable in medicine, where it is used for production of containers used for the transportation of donor organs.

These types of foam plastic, as polystyrene, polystyrene and POLITERM used for the production of decorative elements for interior and exterior decoration.

How to glue Styrofoam

Foam boards vary in density and hardness. From these characteristics and you need to start when selecting adhesive for the foam.

If the foam material used as insulation of the exterior walls of the house, its mounting and gluing is performed by a facade of glue with high frost resistance, adhesive mortars, designed for ceramic finishes and silicone sealant. Also used liquid nails construction, and even putty for walls. The choice of glue in this case is not basic, the main thing that in its composition there was no acetone, gasoline and other organic solvents, adversely affecting the Styrofoam. To increase the life of the foam is additionally fixed to the facade using dowels with mushrooms or umbrellas.
Water evaporates water-based adhesive is bad, what's bad for the strength of the joint. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce quickly absorbs moisture gypsum.

For gluing foam together can use glue or liquid nails. For this purpose, the sheet is applied to at least five pellets of glue over the entire plane. It can be the four corners and the center point.

Often the foam slab is placed in a supporting structure. In this case it is bonded to the adhesive mixture. If the material is used in double-layer insulation, it can be glued with liquid nails, mastic, and the moment of installation of mixture for ceramic tile or silicone sealant.
When you use a glue mixture you need to remember that to dissolve it in water just before use. Otherwise it loses all its properties.

The wall to which you plan to glue the foam must be cleaned from dirt and dust. In addition, it will need to fix cracks and chips. And only after that coat a wall with the prepared adhesive mixture. Then the same mixture is applied to the foam sheet, after which it is applied to the wall.