You will need
  • the set of images;
  • - paint;
  • brush;
  • - data on the growth of children.
Pick up the furniture on the growth of children. The furniture for kindergarten is available in three sizes. It is possible that the chairs and tables will have to file or, conversely, to knock out. As a rule, the tables and chairs are marked with geometric shapes. Table and chair set, designed for children of the same height, mark the same shape — a circle, triangle or square. Draw the icon in the corner of the table and the backs of the chairs. To apply for this variety of materials. It is best to apply oil paint. Can figures cut out of colored paper, glue and varnish. Colored duct tape in this case to apply not worth it, because he quickly comes unstuck. Make a list of the children who sit at the same table.
Lockers in which children leave their clothes too should be marked. It is very convenient pockets made of Plexiglas. They are mounted on the doors of the lockers, and then is inserted into them picture. But the pockets are not always included, so they must be cut. Suitable thin plexiglass. Cut or order the squares about the size of 6х6см and screw them to the doors. It is advisable to buy or make 3 of the same set of images to the marking on the lockers in the locker room and wash and on the bed was the same. Now available are special sets of symbols for marking, they are made from self-adhesive materials, so that the pockets plexiglass optional.
On the cots, as well as on the lockers in the vestibule, must be double marked. Pictures are used to help children find their things. But cots and lockers for towels marked with even numbers. Write them in oil paint. It is also necessary to compile and to place in a conspicuous place a list. In the first column of this list is placed in the crib room or in the locker, the second — the name and surname of the child.
In child care must be labeled kitchen utensils. In a regular municipal kindergarten children usually eat in a group. Lunch brings a nanny. Each pot must be written, for some dishes it is intended. On the largest is marked "1 dish", "dish 3". The pan is slightly smaller reserved for garnish and signed a "2 meal". Her nanny brings Breakfast cereal. Separate utensils are needed to meat dishes, salad and bread. Each subject is appropriate inscription. Marked with oil paint.
You should label and bucket that the nurse uses during wet cleaning. The same bucket can be used in the playroom and the bedroom, but the toilet should have its own properly labeled. The same applies to mops. On the other, which wash the floors in the toilet, should be a red marking. It can just be sewn to the cloth piece of red cloth. Marked needs to be and mops.
In nursery groups, the teacher examines the children in the morning. He measures their temperatures and looking throat. For spatulas should be 2 cans. They too need to be marked with oil paint. On one is the inscription "Clean spatula" on the other - "the Dirty spatula".