Advice 1: What variety of apples perfect for baking in the oven

Baked apples have a wonderful taste and great benefits for the body. You can eat them as both everyday and holiday meals – just bake the apples with cinnamon, honey, raisins, cottage cheese and other confectionery ingredients. So how do you choose the perfect variety of apples for baking in the oven?
What variety of apples perfect for baking in the oven

Choosing the best variety

One of the most tasty baked Apple varieties Antonovka, Golden, Grand and Semerenko, who have Nerijah, dense texture and tasty flesh. For cooking it is better to choose the large green fruits that have a sweet and sour taste and in the process of roasting taste even better. Less tasty are the yellow and red soft apples, while green varieties are even suitable for cooking goose or duck with apples.

For baking it is better to choose fruits with a tough rind and firm flesh has a slightly sour taste.

Also great for the oven are Apple varieties Saffron, Mac, Rennet and Granny Smith. First fall / winter variety has a sweet and sour taste, oval-conical shape and orange skin with red stripes. These apples are obtained by baking a delicious and very juicy, and strudel are just divine.

Recipe baked apples

Apples, baked in the oven, ideal for the diet of people suffering from problems with the gastrointestinal tract as their active components after heat treatment, lose their acidity, while keeping all the vitamins in its composition. In addition, the high oven temperature allows the body to better absorb potassium, which is contained in the baked apples.

So, to prepare delicious baked apples, you need to take any of the above varieties, wash the fruits, cut them lower tails and make the top of the funnel. Through this funnel you need to carefully remove the stalk and seeds, which are in preparation of Apple dessert are completely unnecessary.

Remove the inside of the Apple is better vegetable or a special knife or regular table knife small size.

Then the cleaned apples need to put in a container (pot, pan, baking pan), into which is poured a little water. The fruits should be placed in containers funnels up. In the work done each Apple hole you can add honey or sugar and raisins to taste, after which the container is placed in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. After ten or fifteen minutes the pulp of the apples will become tender and soft texture. It is desirable to monitor the process of baking so the rind of the fruit is not cracked, and the apples do not burst. Prepared apples can be decorated with berries or whipped cream and serve in chilled condition.

Advice 2: Apples some varieties have a sour taste

Popular variety of apples Antonovka refers to the sour varieties. These juicy apples are green-yellow color with some excess acid have the correct round shape and reach medium size.
Apples some varieties have a sour taste


Antonovka is annesinin varieties of apples and common in Central Russia, Belarus and parts of Ukraine and the Volga region. These apples gained their popularity thanks to the unique taste and aroma. With proper packaging and storage, they endure transportation very well, why popular in many countries. These apples are eaten as fresh and in processed. Juices, compotes, jams apples of excellent quality are obtained.

White filling

"White filling" is a favorite variety of apples, many gardeners, due to the hardiness of the tree. Apples, withstood the first frosts, gain an amazing taste. They are sturdy, crisp, with tender juicy flesh sour or sour-sweet taste, reach a weight of 200 g.


Apples "Simirenko" are unpretentious, high-yielding variety, which has a long shelf life. The apples are small, reach a weight of 150 g. Juicy and soft fruits taste sweet-sour and light-green color in the sun covered with a brown blush.

Granny Smith

"Granny Smith" – the large juicy apples that have a sour taste and bright green color. The size of one Apple can reach 250-300 g, and the shape is round or oval. These apples have a beautiful clean and crisp rind. They are popular in cooking as they have a solid consistency and did not darken in the cut.

Pink Lady

Pink apples "Pink Lady" with dense, crisp flesh and a sour flavor is recognized in many countries. "Pink Lady" belongs to the later varieties of apples, they begin to gather at the first frost, making the fruit acquire cold-pink tint. Apples are round the correct form, the weight is 200 g.


"Boykin" is a winter variety of apples, the pulp of which has a light green hue and a sweet and sour taste with an excess of acid. Large fruit with yellow-green color in the sun shade of blush in the form of red stripes and reach a weight of 170-200 g. This variety is popular among growers because it is unpretentious, resistant to frost and drought, and also quite early and highly productive. The homeland of this variety is Germany.


"Granny" is one of the best Russian apples of national selection. It has a long shelf life and tolerates transportation. The apples are pale green with a shade of yellow have a pink blush on the Sunny side. Fragrant sour apples are well suited for making jam, pies and other food products.
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