Blind in a folk style

The interior is largely dependent on Drapes – curtains, furniture covers etc. So a curtain on a door needs to blend in with other items. For room in folk style are suitable, for example, the original curtain with a bright pattern. To make it burlap. You will need:
- burlap;
bright thick cotton or woolen thread;
- sharp scissors;
- large needle with a wide eye.

Hoops for such curtains are not required, but if you have the right size wood frame, the fabric can be pulled. Draw on a piece of burlap rectangle. Its size is equal to the size of the blinds, plus 5 cm for drawstring. From the bottom allowance does not have to leave, the curtain will be with tassels. Measure length of brushes common thread and pull the transverse yarn to the mark. To make a brush, divide the fringe into the same bundles. Enter the needle with colorful thread at the edge, wrap the first bunch, and secure with a couple stitches. Similarly make the rest of the brush. The curtain can be entirely different using hemstitch embroidered on the burlap is very easy to do. Will look good and applique of bright cloth. As for the top edges, fold it on the front side and sew the back seam, like the stalked or "goat". Pass the cord and hang your curtain. This shade will be very well together with sheets of unbleached linen, pieces of twine, etc.
It is convenient to draw with a ballpoint pen on a long line.

Don't throw away old markers

The curtains for the nursery, you can make your own hands out of old colorful markers. You need to pick the markers of the same thickness. Cut off the ends of the markers to make a tube. Delete the contents of the tube thoroughly. You will need several large wooden beads, or plates to attach them from below. A curtain you can just do on the door. Attach the cord to it tie several ropes of the same length (10 centimeters longer than the opening). Each rope string markers. To the lower ends of the tie wooden beads or plates to the tubes not loose. The curtain is ready.
For such curtains is most suitable color synthetic cords that tie up the boxes in the markets.

Blind from kinder surprise

Yellow eggs from kinder surprises to throw pity at times, and they are piling up quickly. The curtains for the nursery can be drawn from them. As in the previous case, tie in the doorway of the cord and attach the rope, only in this case they should be thinner. Pierce the eggs on both sides – top and bottom. This is best done with a hot awl or knitting needle. String them on a rope. From the bottom you can tie a thick knot will suffice.