Advice 1: Take a child 10-12 years

Psychologists believe that adolescence period the child is one of the most difficult. It was then that he important the attention of parents, as well as a good interesting hobby. They will help him decide later on in life, choose something to do, distract from the temptations which so often give teenagers who are deprived of caring adults.
Take a child 10-12 years

Adolescence - what to do

One of the most important aspects of a child's upbringing is his physical development. Good stamina and muscular system - the key to health and productive learning. Therefore, parents is very important to create the right mood at the child, offering him a choice of different sport sections. Now in them there is no shortage. Tennis, different types of fitness, contact sports, swimming, dancing - the choice is huge. The child could choose to your liking, you can burn it on a test training in several sections. It will be easier to decide, what he has a predisposition. And, of course, do not forget about personal example. If parents spend all weekend at home watching TV is to explain to the teenager that the sport will be very difficult.

Many teenagers like to go to different clubs and sections together with friends. If you assemble a group of children, passionate love, you can be almost sure that they would not abandon them to do.

In addition to the sports development necessarily need to be interested in the teenager various logical puzzles. The game of chess, checkers, Monopoly, but even the usual forfeits develop logic and ability to think outside the box. And it is very useful to a teenager in adult life. In the current situation with high competition in the labor market to find interesting, high-paying job is quite difficult. Many HR managers look not so much for a diploma or experience, but on how a person behaves in the interview how quickly and competently answer questions.

Are particularly difficult the crucial moments when a child refuses to do something. It is not necessary to impose a hobby, it will only complicate the matter. Wait a month or two, and try again.

Difficult years - how to deal with teen "I don't want"

In the period of transition from childhood to adolescence, many children become very stubborn. In the summer hormonal changes satisfied body the crash test. The child sometimes cries, sometimes laughs, responds aggressively to the comments of parents, strongly proves their independence. Therefore, to impose it costs nothing. Works best just offer each class. You can go with the girls for tournaments and competitions and see which of them has caused a positive reaction. Same thing with different logical classes. Together after reviewing several, we can understand which one is the most interesting. And always remember that at first, even the most independent teenager is very important unobtrusive parental care. This support will help him to survive failures that often happen in the early development of the new business.

Advice 2 : Six ways to make children have fun

Summer is a great time for outdoor fun with your children. However, sometimes the days stretch endlessly, and you have not enough imagination to interesting. Here are a few ideas that will help you increase your activity and breathe fresh air this year.
Six ways to make children have fun

The apartment

Lying on the floor in turn turn to each other. Decorate the room with funny drawings of clothes and funny faces. To make this project educational, you can read the book 'Flat Stanley'.

In the garden

You give your child a valuable experience, teach him responsibility and get a lot of positive impressions, growing crops. If you have the time and inclination, you can make the entire landscape edible and delicious. Agree, it would be great to wander around the yard, picking juicy berries. Blueberries, strawberries, herbs and fruit trees is not capricious in care. Some vegetables, like tomatoes, do not need anything in addition to an abundance of water and sun, so they grew like weeds. Start small and see what happens.

Gymnastic hoops

Your child ever tried to spin the Hoop? Teach him how to do it. Then take the Hoop in your hand and throw a circus in the yard or try to get the dog to jump over it. Use imagination and fantasy.


Teach your kids this exciting entertainment. Allow them to draw on their own structure. Remember how you drew the squares and how you jumped in a day? Perhaps they will do well.


Balloons are always a favorite. Chase bubbles and pop them. You can also use special sticks to make balloons of different shapes and size.

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