Types of slings

There are several basic models of singham. Ring sling – designed to be worn on one shoulder. Is a single sheet of tissue, the ends of which are connected by rings that provide a secure fit of the child. Rings allow you to adjust the position of the baby, it can be vertical or horizontal. Such slings can be supplemented with various elements for convenience of mom and baby, such as bumpers on each side, pillow under the shoulder, pockets, inserts, etc. the size range of slings with rings allows you to choose the best option for your baby.

May-sling is designed to carry the child in a vertical position only. It is a fabric rectangle with 4 wide straps at each corner that is worn on both shoulders. May-sling is popular in Asian countries as best suited to carry even the heavy kids in hot weather. There is another kind of such a sling – with additional side straps that can hook on special fasteners or just tie.

Sling-scarf – the most versatile model, it can be worn on one and on both shoulders. It is a long rectangular cloth that you tie around yourself and put inside the child. The child is supported from the bottom with several layers of fabric, the whole design provides a secure fit. Sling-a scarf can be made of fabric or more elastic and soft knit.
Woven knitted sling stronger and it is less hot in summer.

The choice of sling

Among the variety of presented models there are no good or bad. All of them provide for the kid comfortable physiological position as on the arms of my mother, in contrast to the bag-a kangaroo. The choice depends on the characteristics of the child, his age, height and weight.

Young children can only be worn in a horizontal position, so for babies the best fit of the sling with the rings. When the child turns 2 months, it can be worn upright in a sling-scarf. In this child's weight is distributed more evenly, thereby reducing the load on the spine mother. The sling scarf baby's head is in a vertical position has the support, so Mama's arms can be completely free.
The most universal sling is the scarf, which can be used to 8-9 months or even a little longer until the baby becomes too heavy.

May-sling is comfortable to wear grown-up children, but for newborn babies it is not suitable, it can be used only after the child turns 5 months.