To grow seedlings of tomatoes even in pots and drawers with subsequent picks. Seeds disinfected in 1% solution of manganese-sour potassium for 15 min, after that wash in running water and dry.

Soil mix should contain humus and garden land in the ratio of 1:1. In the box is poured, the ground is carefully levelled surface. Then you need to make grooves to lay the seeds 1.5 - 2 cm and repaired. Surface slightly press the palms. Well-watered crops, cover the box with cling film and leave in a warm place.

After emergence, the film must withdraw and move the box into the light.So tomatoes are not stretched, they need to illuminate a light bulb for 10 hours a day. Don't need to have been large temperature swings and hot microclimate on the window. From the sun should be protected from direct sunlight with blinds.

Twice during the growing seedlings need to be transplanted . The first time transplanting coincides with the swordplay in individual pots and the second time it will be handling the pot larger.

In-ground tomato seedlings are planted when the threat passes the return of frost.