You will need
  • manure humus
  • - superphosphate
  • - peat
  • - potassium sulphate
So, to get a decent harvest, you need to know how to plant seedlings of tomatoes. Prepare for a seedling box and fill it with earth. Seeds of tomatoes gauge, besserat and temper. Seal the earth in the box, well her wait. Make a groove depth from 1 to 1.2 cm in a distance of 2,5-3 cm from each other. Cover the boxes with glass, plywood or plastic and put them in a fairly warm place (temperature not less than + 20-25°). First, keep seedlings in the shade, gradually accustomed to the sun.
The appearance of the first true leaves on the sprouts will transplant them into individual pots, pinching off each Bush Central root, to 1/3, to form strong roots. When the seedling is ready to transplant into the garden, which will happen in about a couple of months after planting the seeds, prepare the ground for its transplantation.
To plant seedlings of tomatoes, carefully dig the garden, to fertilize the soil with manure compost, superphosphate, peat and sulphate of potash. To make it better in cloudy weather.
Carefully remove the shrub seedlings with a lump of earth at the root and place it in the hole without deepening in her stem. Seedlings of medium height planted at a distance of 40-45 cm from each other, leaving between the rows at 50 cm For dwarf varieties quite a distance in 40 cm
Two weeks later okucia seedlings at the height of the stem up to 12 cm Put the pegs. Do not water the seedlings for ten days, until they take root.
For a good harvest, it is important not only how to plant seedlings of tomatoes, but the subsequent formation of bushes. If Bush is formed in one stalk, then:- delete all stepchildren;
- leave 5-6 racemes on the main shoot;
- make pinched over the top floral brush, leaving her 2-3 leaf.
If Bush is formed in two stems:- do not touch the stepson under the first growing brush;
- leave on the main stem 4 fruit brush;
- presidnete the tip.