It's not so bad

There are situations that can be classified as ideal when the spouses disagree amicably, without any complaints and insults to each other. In such a situation, live woman is much easier because, as a rule, the man provides it support, including material and spends enough time with their child.
Thus, the child knows that he still has a mom and dad, they just live separately.

Of course, to start life anew after a divorce, even in such a comfortable environment is not easy, but have to do it. No need to lose heart and fall into depression. Many people in this period go head first into work, spend a lot of time in the gym and doing everything possible to re-find yourself, a young child left in the care of grandparents, nannies, aunts and so on. Over time, the situation is normalized, you should only have patience.

Complexity are the place to be

Sometimes not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. In fact, the woman is left with a baby alone without any support and assistance.

Then we need to act now - planning a new family budget. After all, the child needs to feed, clothe, and give him everything he needed. In this case, the most difficult is to find a balance between free time and work. Some devote themselves to professional activities and do not notice what is happening around. May they completely provide themselves and their child, but not enough.

The child needs to pay attention to. And often parents are trying to compensate for his deficiency through expensive gifts, sweets, travel and other pleasant things.

If the child is not in contact with father, no need to tell him what a bad guy is his dad. So in the mind of a son or daughter will create a negative image of not only its parent but also all men in General. If the woman is single-handedly raising a son, it is best to write it in the sports section, where the child had a mentor-a man. Sometimes the role of a "strong hand" can play the uncle or grandfather.

The girl is also not necessary to tell the story from the category, that "all men are bast..", otherwise she will think all men are such, and are unlikely to find the family happiness in the future.

Also, you shouldn't give up on yourself: don't lose track of yourself, try to look good. One failed marriage is not a tragedy, just life experience. Maybe fate gives you a second chance to build a strong family and have children, because of this, there will be "new dad".