Color ivory: shades of destiny

"Ivory" in the English-speaking countries are called ivory. It is a derivative of white, is considered a very sophisticated and chic shade. Today the most commonly used ivory in wedding fashion.

Unusually soft, gentle color has several pleasing shades. Depending on the extension of pigment, ivory is: white, cream, peach, pink, beige. All tones have a pleasant eye shimmer, delicacy and lightness.
Ivory has long been a privilege of the rich houses. That's why ivory and its shades evoke a sense of chosenness, of elegance, luxury and nobility.

Bridal wear easily "let" ivory in their possession. However, choosing the color of the bride should remember that an expensive shade requires a respectful attitude. Deciding to create an image in ivory, don't skimp on the dress. Stylists assure that ivory looks elegant and stunning only if you are using for sewing high-quality materials.

The above rule applies to everyday wardrobe items ivory color. Shade will perfectly fit with your style, give it a lightness, romance and aristocracy. Combining ivory with other colors, you will create a beautiful and discreet way.

Combination with ivory

Stylists note that ivory is not easy to combine color. Creating a kit, be aware of the restraint and nobility of tone. Necessarily guided by the existing tone of ivory, paying attention to its ebb.

Ivory, close in tone to beige, goes well with a cold grey/silver, brown, matte purple. Also suitable things purple, anthracite and shades of mocha. For example, if you plan to wear the dress in ivory with a beige undertone, pick him coffee/mocha shoes or ankle boots and a colored blazer. Dilute the image will help bright accessories: terracotta necklace / brooch/bracelets color tea rose, etc.
Clothing ivory color needs to be bright additions, otherwise the image may turn out faded. The best option would be accessories deep natural shades. Avoid excessive calling and neon colors.

Ivory with a yellow undertone is only joyful emotions. This warm shade goes well with sky blue, dark gray, gray-purple and sophisticated blue-gray-green colors. The right hues for accessories: coral, yellow, Burgundy.

Ivory shade with the addition of brown looks very strictly, business. This color is cold, so will harmoniously coexist with purple, asphalt, dark green, khaki. Accessories should also be different color restraint. A wonderful selection will be the product violet tones or colors of Magenta (warm pink).

The most romantic, some toy are shades of ivory with peach and pink photoname. The perfect company for the first will become things of the black swamp, eggplant colors. The second will look elegant and expensive, combined with the grape, cocoa, silvery tones. Accents complete with peach ivory will help to establish blue-gray, pale-orange, cool pink accessories. For the second color, best bright companions will be red, Flamingo, coral, turquoise.