Applications for open format

NEF is a kind of RAW format, which is taken directly from the camera sensor and is the original image that gets the camera.
NEF cannot be viewed using conventional for most users applications and to open it you will need to use special software.

Picture NEF work program Picasa, XnView, Faststone Image Viewer. These apps not only allow you to view the image from the camera, but to transform the raw document. Photography can also be opened in Photoshop. Download any of these programs onto your computer from the official site of developer and install following the instructions on the screen.

You can also install Nikon View, which will allow you to read the photo with the extension. Compared to Picasa and Faststone, this app from the developer definitely has a greater amount of resources to edit and the resulting shooting NEF, but the program is paid.
You can install Nikon View from the official site of Nikon, or by using the disk that was in one set with the camera.

After installing the program, double click on the file .nef works for the open operation. If the startup file is not found, select a newly-installed the program manually from the list of applications.

Edit and save NEF to JPG

Wait until you see the NEF file in the selected editor. Using the tools of the selected program, edit the parameters of brightness, contrast and chroma of the image. After completion of editing, go to option "Save as" the top bar of the application window to convert the document and save it on your hard drive.

In the next window, specify the options for saving the image file. For the Name field enter an arbitrary name. Click the drop-down list in the field "file Type" and select the extension .jpg or .bmp to save all made settings in the picture format that will open on any computer and mobile devices. Click on the "Save" and wait for the save procedure.

To convert the format, you can use a special Converter NEF to JPG. Go to the NEF to JPG and then download and install the program. Run the application and in its box, specify the path to the NEF file on the computer. Then click on the Convert button, and wait until the end of the operation. Save the document on your computer. The conversion is completed.