You will need
  • - administrator rights.
Log in to the operating system as the user "Administrator". For this you need to know the password of the system administrator account, and enter it when you start Windows. As a rule, these data have been installed by the user when the computer first starts, for example, when you install the operating system. If you do not have administrator rights, disable the account or try to recover the password.
Run the "local group policy Editor". To do this, please Run gpedit.msc and confirm it by pressing enter on the keyboard. This way you give a command to the operating system using the command line. In the left part of the window, expand "user Configuration" - "Administrative templates" — "System" and go to "Run" only specified Windows applications. Double-click this label to start the service.
Opens the settings window of the service. Set the switch to the word "Include", and then click on the "Show". Window opens the "Output contents." Here you need to specify which programs can run. Thus, if you specify a strict list of. exe files that the user has the right to run, run setup.exe or any other installation will be the limit of its possibilities.
Also it is necessary to disable the possibility of making changes to the registry, running applications from the command line, and starting from help. These services are interrelated, however, turning off one turns off the other. You can set different rights for the software. If you have a large number of programs on your computer, browse and delete unnecessary to save memory.