The first way: combining different patterns in one color palette

If you want to spice up the interior tasteful design, decide on accessories in the same color as the common denominator for bands, peas, flowers and ethnic patterns. Thus, pillow covers pink color will be in harmony with curtains with pink vertical stripes. Monochrome models are the safest solution. Care should be taken to a neutral base for patterned and colored decor. Background for multi-colored and patterned accessories should be decorated uniformly in soft colours. The walls should be painted in a neutral color, and the upholstery of the sofa to stay solid.

Method two: different models at different scales

When comparing models of different dimensions you have two options. First, you should be limited to the combination of additives in textiles and designs from the same group, but different sizes. This means that the choice of floral theme, you should buy curtains with prints of large flowers and tablecloths with small buds. The more variety of scale models, the more comfortable will be organized space. The second solution is based on the comparison of various structures on different scales, thus, you combine wide bandwidth with a small number of them. In this case, you must keep in mind the following principle: large the model should be on large surfaces while small on smaller.

The third way: a combination of drawings from the same group

In addition, the interior need to combine the samples belonging to the same group of motives. This means that the classical model cannot be combined with Oriental and geometric patterns.

The combination of patterns in the interior is an art, which is governed by special laws. They should know that your apartment has acquired the character, but was not overloaded with too many colors and motifs.