You will need
  • - a set of keys and sockets;
  • - piston mandrel.
Remove the engine from the vehicle. To do this: drain the oil from the crankcase and the coolant from the cooling system, remove the battery. Then Unscrew the 4 bolts with the key "13" and clear the hood, so that later it was easier to rest. Remove the air filter. Unscrewing the four bolts with a key "on 13", clear the carb.
Disassemble the silencer from his back. The key "13" Unscrew the four nuts that secure the "pants" of the exhaust manifold. Unscrew the key "on 13" rear driveshaft, which is attached to a reducer of the rear bridge. Remove the outboard bearing, remove the driveshaft from the transaxle. Unscrew the 4 bolts with the key "on 17" that hold the box to the engine, 3 bolt starter "13" and the two nuts "13" from back of holder CAT. Uncheck the box.
Remove from the motor all mounted equipment: alternator, starter, fuel pump, distributor. Remove the engine mount on the front beam. Remove the valve cover. End head Unscrew the cylinder head bolts, check each to your meta, to avoid mistakes during Assembly. Remove the cylinder head. Take out the motor with a winch or by hand. Put it on smooth and clean surface.
Remove the sump, oil pump. Unscrew socket head "by 14" nut connecting rod bolts, remove the connecting rod caps and gently pull out through the cylinders, pistons with connecting rods. Mark the pistons, connecting rods and caps are not to mix at assemblage. Lock the flywheel and remove it from the crankshaft. Remove the main cap bolts and remove them together with the lower ear; remove the crankshaft.
Mypressure piston pins. Inspect pistons, if there is a defect, replace. Give the engine block to bore for the new pistons size. Measure the crankshaft in case of a defect or give it up for bore size under repair, or welding, or replace the new one. Accordingly, the size of the crankshaft journals pick up the size of his ear. Inspect and measure the connecting rods, in case of defect, replace them. Inspect the mate cylinder head with cylinder block. In the case of the gap – grind. Inspect valve defective – replace, take the diamond grease and grind valve seats.
Press the piston pins into the piston and connecting rods. Replace the valve stem on the piston and compression rings. Insert the pistons through the plug in the engine block. Attach the crankshaft bearings in the connecting rods, check the crankshaft. Put liners in the connecting rod cap and fasten the rods with a torque wrench with the required force. Check the oil pump sump.
Install the engine on the car. Screw the cylinder head torque wrench with the required force. Adjust the valve with a feeler gauge. Put valve cover. Screw the box, silencer, attachments. Adjust the ignition timing. Pour the mineral oil and go run. Don't overload the engine for the first time. Try to keep the engine rpm within 2500 rpm.