Near mount Kailash, travelers experience a whole new feel, which they did not know before. One becomes well and seem around the most beautiful place on earth, they don't have to be afraid of, other surrounding place is beginning to scare and seemed to alienate many lose the gift of speech. Someone says that if you ask a question you near this mountain, you will be able to solve it easily and outside the box.

The mythical frontier

Representatives of Buddhism and Hinduism for several centuries, Tibet is a sacred mountain - Kailash. At night, when the top of the envelop of clouds, can be seen as light white light flows from the highest point down. Some tourists describe the glowing shape on the slopes of the mountain, similar to the swastika symbol. Sometimes in the twilight above the mountain noticed the strange glowing orbs that vaguely resemble ball lightning. But these balls draw whimsical characters in the air.

Recently many pilgrims flock to the mountain dozens of expeditions, people, dreaming to conquer the snowy summit. However, with each of them befall you before someone grows a mythical milestone that he can't move, as if did not want it. Others, they barely touch the mountains, palms are covered with blisters.
Amazing and geographical position of mount Kailash: it is removed from the North pole is 6666 km from the South pole to the foot of the mountain the distance twice, but Stonehenge also 6666 km.

However, physically the mountain is rarely confronts climbers, avalanches and rockfalls are rare. However, all tourists willingly refuse to go upstairs literally 300-400 metres. To be beside the sacred mountain only the most outcast people.

The legend of "Stone mirrors"

Even flying over Kailasam the aircraft stops working equipment, a compass needle spinning in different directions. In the diagram, the mountains often have each side draw the so-called stone mirror, which modify the passage of time, concentrating the energy differently than on earth.

However, there is a sacred road on a hill where you can get to the top. There is a legend that tells the story of two travellers, who turned to the Holy road, when he went up on mount Kailasa, after returning to his village just a few months, young people aged 60 years and died. The doctors then were not able to find any visible causes of the decay.
Recently as a result of experiments, it was found that within 12 hours the mount Kailash nails and hair in humans grow as long as it would grow under normal conditions for two to three weeks.

Near the foot of the mountain is the "heavenly graveyard", which carried the bodies of the Tibetans to their bodies to be eaten by vultures. Such funerals are considered beneficial for the soul of the deceased.