Advice 1: Why no one can conquer mount Kailash in Tibet

Kailash is one of the most mysterious mountains in the world. Many travelers are afraid to even come close to it, and even more to touch. So far no one has been able to conquer this snowy top, but the question "why" offers more questions than answers.
Why no one can conquer mount Kailash in Tibet
Near mount Kailash, travelers experience a whole new feel, which they did not know before. One becomes well and seem around the most beautiful place on earth, they don't have to be afraid of, other surrounding place is beginning to scare and seemed to alienate many lose the gift of speech. Someone says that if you ask a question you near this mountain, you will be able to solve it easily and outside the box.

The mythical frontier

Representatives of Buddhism and Hinduism for several centuries, Tibet is a sacred mountain - Kailash. At night, when the top of the envelop of clouds, can be seen as light white light flows from the highest point down. Some tourists describe the glowing shape on the slopes of the mountain, similar to the swastika symbol. Sometimes in the twilight above the mountain noticed the strange glowing orbs that vaguely resemble ball lightning. But these balls draw whimsical characters in the air.

Recently many pilgrims flock to the mountain dozens of expeditions, people, dreaming to conquer the snowy summit. However, with each of them befall you before someone grows a mythical milestone that he can't move, as if did not want it. Others, they barely touch the mountains, palms are covered with blisters.
Amazing and geographical position of mount Kailash: it is removed from the North pole is 6666 km from the South pole to the foot of the mountain the distance twice, but Stonehenge also 6666 km.

However, physically the mountain is rarely confronts climbers, avalanches and rockfalls are rare. However, all tourists willingly refuse to go upstairs literally 300-400 metres. To be beside the sacred mountain only the most outcast people.

The legend of "Stone mirrors"

Even flying over Kailasam the aircraft stops working equipment, a compass needle spinning in different directions. In the diagram, the mountains often have each side draw the so-called stone mirror, which modify the passage of time, concentrating the energy differently than on earth.

However, there is a sacred road on a hill where you can get to the top. There is a legend that tells the story of two travellers, who turned to the Holy road, when he went up on mount Kailasa, after returning to his village just a few months, young people aged 60 years and died. The doctors then were not able to find any visible causes of the decay.
Recently as a result of experiments, it was found that within 12 hours the mount Kailash nails and hair in humans grow as long as it would grow under normal conditions for two to three weeks.

Near the foot of the mountain is the "heavenly graveyard", which carried the bodies of the Tibetans to their bodies to be eaten by vultures. Such funerals are considered beneficial for the soul of the deceased.

Advice 2: How to get to Tibet

In the mountains of Tibet lost an amazing country with the same name. In fact, Tibet is part of Chinese Republic, but it is very difficult to call it just a Chinese province. This is a separate state with its own language, cultural traditions and religion, so original and incredible that it seems an enclave of another world, a mystical and mysterious.
How to get to Tibet

The way to Tibet

For a long time Tibet was closed to foreigners, but fortunately, in 1984 the ban was lifted, and the foothills of the Himalayas revealed to the world the rich culture and history of this ancient country. However to get here is still quite difficult. In order to enter the territory of Tibet, you must obtain permission from a special Bureau, and it is not so easy. The accompaniment of a licensed guide is mandatory stay in the area. In addition, laws on the entry of foreign tourists is so unstable and changeable that at times here don't let anyone but the Chinese.

The road to Tibet can be actually via China or via Nepal. Not cheap, the average price of travel from Nepal – $ 1,000. Will have to issue the permit – a special permit and group visa, one in Tibet can not get, only with a group. Visa is a state within a state shall be selected, not the one in China, so it makes sense to have 2 documents.


The capital of Tibet – Lhasa. To get to this Alpine oasis, you can travel from any relatively large Chinese city. Can be reached by car, winding along the serpentine mountain, there are even guided Hiking transitions. And recently was completed on a real "highway to heaven." It is a nickname already given Cengizkoy the railway linking China plain with altitudes of Tibet. The canvas runs along the picturesque route, opening a view of the overflowing Brahmaputra and mountains. And in addition, the journey on this train will save travel time from the province of Shigatse in the Tibetan capital, since it is only a couple of hours.

On arrival in Lhasa the journey does not end, but rather only the beginning, because there are many monasteries that you should visit. Religion has an important place in the life of Tibetans, so the road to Tibet can be considered not only physical movement, but also a path of spiritual enlightenment. High in the mountains there are many churches, Hindu and Buddhist, monasteries, religious schools and ancient sources of power, to touch which the greatest happiness. Oddly enough, the Tibetan rites is also associated with the road, with all kinds of walking. For example, local nature sanctuary, mount Kailasa, is chosen for the bark - rite of purification from all sins, which is achieved by the Cycling bypass of the sacred mountain. Day and night the Tibetans and pilgrims walk around the main Buddhist shrines. And somewhere here begins the journey to the mystical Shambhala, a legendary portal to another dimension. Obviously Tibet is the crossroads of the worlds, and roads where everyone can choose the path to their liking.
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