The Association of ATM networks – the benefits to customers and banks

The average number of ATMs per capita in Russia is approaching to the value characteristic of the developed European countries. The nearest ATMs are in "walking distance" for most people, so just to increase their number, spending money on the installation and maintenance of such mini-banks, is not appropriate. But to allow clients to withdraw cash free of charge or at the rates that apply to them in their native Bank, many banks are joining ATM networks, receiving substantial savings because you do not have to invest in further development of ATM networks.

It is beneficial to customers. To carry out cash transactions without a fee or with a minimum percent, they do not have to drive around the city in search of an ATM of "your" Bank – enough to go to the nearest point where the ATM of the partner Bank.

Today, these networks bring together the largest banks and regional credit organizations, enabling customers to use such a network on favorable terms. As a result of such enterprises to banks can significantly expand the geography of customer service and to improve its quality, while the load on the ATM network does not change.
Cash in the United ATM network of Alfa-Bank are issued with cards of payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

The banking network of Alfa-Bank

Alfa-Bank was one of the first to realize all the benefits of "friendship" with ATMs, and the first combined network ATMs PSB in 2010. And for several years its customers can withdraw cash at ATMs of other banks on the same conditions as when the transactions in the Alfa-Bank. Among its partners to date include:
- Promsvyazbank;
- MDM Bank;
- Russian agricultural Bank;
- The Ural Bank of reconstruction and development;
- ROSBANK, including a network of ATMs, "Bank Sosete Zheneral the East".
To see the list of partners of Alfa-Bank, send an SMS with the word "partner" in room 2265 (for subscribers of Beeline, MTS, MegaFon-Moscow) or +7 903 767-22-65.

In addition, by using credit or debit cards of Alfa Bank you can withdraw and Deposit cash at ATMs of credit Bank of Moscow. But when using them be aware that making money on the device for reception of cash the Bank has its own characteristics: requesting information about the balance of funds in the account, you have to pay for this service. The current list of partner banks alpha Bank you can always find on his website.