You will need
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - gon;
  • level;
  • - welding machine;
  • - corrugated sheets;
  • - screws.
The manufacture of gates of corrugated Board begins with the setting of poles, which is used as a channel beam. Its thickness should be not less than 16 mm. Beneath the gate pillars need to dig a hole one meter on, the bottom of which is filled and compacted gravel. After that, the pit filled with a small amount of concrete mortar. In the absence of gravel as filler, you can use the broken bricks.
Before proceeding to the next stage, we need to wait for complete solidification of the solution. This usually occurs within one month. All this time the posts should be vertical. To speed up the process of making the gate and give the channel resistance, its lower part is welded to a square, made of sheet steel.
The Assembly of the gate frame must be on level ground. That the world is laid out a rectangle the size of one gate leaf. Peg is hammered into the top corner. Then with the help of the cord from the peg, you need to mark the line where you marked three equal pieces. Their size can be choose at their own discretion. Next, from the same peg orthogonally is another line. It should be noted that there are four equal parts, after which all the marks are connected. Thus, you need to mark the entire rectangle of the frame, after which it can be assembled by using welding machine.
At the end of the Assembly frame, it can immediately sheathe profiled sheet. This is done on the spot. If leaf width is 2 m, you will need two sheets. The attachment of the corrugated sheet is performed by screws having a hexagonal head, which can then be shaded in the color of the sheet.
Loop the gate can be screwed to the frame with bolts or weld them right after the frame was assembled. The corrugated sheet is attached to the frame on top of these loops. If their choice is to stay in the garage loops, the length of which shall not be less than one meter.
After the leaf is fully sheathed steel sheets should be welded to the channel and further secured with the bolt. Mount will be better, if the bolt passes through two shelves channel beams.