1. Hair dull and dry.
The cause of this problem is the dry indoor air. In addition, in winter you need to use a Hairdryer: not the weather, to a long walk with a wet head, and he also contributes to the dullness of hair. Scarves and hats are mechanical: the friction opens the hair scales, so their surface becomes dull and lacking luster.
To prevent several times a week to do a moisturizing mask. Before heat styling, apply on hair heat tool and dry them at 70% in the cool mode. To reduce the dryness of the hair will help a simple brushing, in which skin and fat are distributed evenly throughout the length and give the strands soft. For greater effect, apply to the ends of the hair a drop of olive oil or hand cream.

2. Electrified hair
Winter hair is dry and positively charged particles in their fibers begin more intensely to repel each other. This process is called electrification.
For prevention, regularly use a shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing effect. After washing you can apply a leave-in moisturizer from the middle to the ends.
Get rid of electrified hair with urgency will help the hair weak commit: polymers in its composition simply work wonders. If you had an antistatic agent for hair, we can assume that the problem is over. From antistatic for clothes it is characterized by the presence of nutrients for the hair.

3. Hair does not hold volume
Because of the low humidity in the winter season, the hair becomes unruly and does not hold volume. To cope with this common problem apply to damp hair spray to give volume, focusing at the roots. Tilt your head down and dry strands in this position. Then gather your hair at the crown, making a beam, and wait until they cool off. If you don't have time for styling, to the roots, apply a little dry shampoo and lift with fingertips.

4. Hair crumple under the cap
Hat tight to the head and long hair in one position. To avoid strong losses, and put your hair waves of different sizes. In this case, change the size of the strands will blend well in the mix. If you urgently need to revive hair, loop the hair from one side to the other and secure with an elastic or barrette, gathering the ends in a ponytail or loose braid.

5. Flaky scalp
In the winter season, the scalp suffers from dehydration, which starts to peel off. To fix this problem, take care of the quality of care for her. To hide the peeling you can collect the hair into a ponytail or a bun with no parting.