Advice 1: What poisonous animals live in Russia

Most poisonous animals of Russia are the widow spiders, snakes, vipers, and Scorpions, and frogs Bombina. They all live in the southern regions of the Russian Federation.
Viper the most dangerous snake on the territory of Russia!

The black widow is the most poisonous spider Russian

If we talk about poisonous animals of Russia, top the list of arachnids, namely, the poisonous spider called the black widow. He is the only Russian spider, the bite of which is deadly to humans. This creature lives in the southern regions of the country, in the North Caucasus, Orenburg and Astrakhan. Not so long ago was recorded the occurrence of karakurt and in the suburbs.

The female black widow reaches a length (excluding the length of the walking legs) 2 cm is female – the main threat to humans, as small and weak males, for the most part, just can't bite through a thick layer of human skin. Widow are black in color body, a large abdomen, which can be bright spots of orange or red colors. However, there are karakurt without special markings.

The main feature that distinguishes from the rest of the karakurt spider, is a pale spot on the underside of the abdomen. In its form it resembles an hourglass. Sometimes this spot is not painted in the pale and bright color (like spots on the back).
South Russian tarantula also is one of the poisonous animals living in the South of Russia. Its bites are dangerous, but not deadly to humans.

The most venomous snake of Russia – the Viper

Only in Russia there are about 90 species of snakes. Poisonous among them – about 16 species. The most dangerous and widespread venomous snake in Central Russia is, of course, the Viper. She lives in the forests and steppes. Viper – no snake is too long (up to 75 cm in length). Its color varies from gray to red-brown color. For the vipers characteristic dark line located along their range, as well as insobriety pattern on the head. All vipers are poisonous.

At a meeting with the adder should not make sudden movements, so as not to provoke the snake to protect. It is worth noting that the bites of vipers cause rather strong pain. On the site of the bite there is swelling. The most dangerous are bites to the face and neck.

Other poisonous animals Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation it is possible to meet and other venomous creatures, like Scorpions and frogs. Poisonous Scorpions dwell in the Lower Volga region and in Dagestan. In person they attack only in the case of self-defense. The venom of the Scorpion is on his tail. Especially dangerous females are the poisonous Scorpions. Their venom can cause human death.
The venom of bees and wasps obtained in multiple size (when a person stinging swarm of insects), can be dangerous. Some people happens severe Allergy to bee and wasp venom.

Other poisonous animals that live in Russia are the frog Bombina. They can be found in the Krasnodar region. These frogs differ from ordinary orange speckled belly. Your poison they secrete through the skin.

Advice 2 : Does Russia have poisonous spiders

Spiders are the largest group in fact. Absolutely all of them are predators, many of them are poisonous and extremely dangerous to humans. Some poisonous spiders, and inhabit the territory of Russia, and not only its southern margin.

Dangerous arthropods in the South of Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation of poisonous arthropods in the bulk of dwell, as one would expect, in the southern regions of Russia, but in case of abnormal heat, they can migrate North. The most dangerous is the black widow, most often found in the Astrakhan, Volgograd and Orenburg oblasts and in the North Caucasus. Karakurt, also known as the steppe, a widow, is a species of spiders of medium size with a black body and red spots on his belly.

The bite of this insect is extremely dangerous and causes unbearable pain throughout the body. Delayed assistance can even be fatal. To save the victim can only be the introduction of a special protivokleshchevoj the serum, and to alleviate the suffering of intravenously administered procaine or calcium chloride.
It should be noted that danger to humans, it is the female black widow, to recognize which pattern on the belly, resembling an hourglass.

Another dangerous spider is typical for the Russian latitudes is the South Russian tarantula, he's a spider. Its bite is not so dangerous as the bite of a karakurt, however, also causes a sharp pain and causes severe allergic reactions and swelling in the affected area of the skin.

South Russian tarantula has a hairy body up to 25 mm in length in females and 30 mm for males. The color of the abdomen brown-rufous, below – almost black. The habitat is quite wide: tarantulas are widely distributed in steppe and semi-desert zones of Russia, also mizgiry was discovered off the coast of the Volga, in Saratov, Orel, and Kursk regions.

Poisonous spiders in the Middle lane

The most venomous spider in Central Russia recognized cheiracanthium. This arthropod has a slightly elongated light yellow body and prefers to hide under the leaves of bushes and low trees. It can sting only in self-defense. Bite can cause nausea and headache, but after a few days the symptoms disappear.
Dog to the poison of cheiracanthium insensitive.

Most common poisonous spiders, typical for the temperate climatic zone, are crosses and setochniki. Trapdoor spiders got their name because of the pattern on the abdomen, formed of a plurality of mottled and resembling a cross. Their size reaches 25 mm in length. Trapdoor spiders belong to the family of Orb-web spiders and weave a large radial web.

Setochniki – the popular name of one of the subspecies of crosses: they are slightly smaller in diameter, and the web is more chaotic. These spiders are also themselves are not dangerous and only attack in case of danger. Waliv, they can get infected, so if bitten you must seek medical attention.

Advice 3 : What animals Russia the most dangerous

In the vast spaces of Russia found a large number of animals representing a danger to humans. This poisonous snakes, and predatory wild animals and dangerous insects. The most dangerous are Viper, Mongolian toad, hornet, brown bear.
What animals Russia the most dangerous
The Viper is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. This species occurs throughout Europe and Asia, including usual in Russia in the most different latitudes, even on the border of the Arctic circle. The Viper venom is dangerous but not always fatal. The bite of this snake causes burning, nausea and vomiting, pressure drop, bleeding, coma and sometimes convulsions. These symptoms may last for several days and may occur several months. Medical assistance will help to minimize the risk of death and complications. The Viper is dangerous because it is very aggressive and always ready to attack. She can't discern what is for her the danger and what is not, so just in case it attacks.
The Mongolian toad is not the most dangerous to humans amphibian, but on the territory of Russia is one of the most poisonous toads. Its glands contain poison, which she protected from insects. If this substance gets on the mucous membranes of humans, it can lead to severe pain, irritation and other unpleasant symptoms. But more serious effects of the poison will not.
Regular hornets at risk for humans are similar to wasps: their stings are painful, but not tragic. But in the Primorsky Krai is home to the largest hornet in the world, Asian huge hornet. His bite is several times more dangerous: a giant stinger injects a highly toxic poison in large quantities, which is especially dangerous for people with allergies, anaphylactic shock is inevitable. But to die from the bite of this hornet may be a person without allergies, neurotoxins in the venom composition is very toxic.
In the forests of Russia there are bears one of the most dangerous large predators on earth. These animals tend to avoid humans, but if you're not lucky close encounter with a bear, the attack is inevitable. It usually ends in serious injury or death – brown bear weighs about 500 pounds, has sharp claws and strong teeth. After hibernation they are particularly aggressive.
Polar bears, which are found in the polar regions of Russia, in Chukotka, the Islands of the Barents and the Chukchi sea, is no less dangerous. They attack only when they see the danger, otherwise prefer to leave. But if their young is threatened, they become very aggressive. A fight with a polar bear usually ends badly.
Russia is home to many dangerous animals: wolves, bobcats and other large predators, various poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, insects.
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