Home helpers

Often the mother of a newborn receives from the guests several duplicate gifts. Breast pumps, toys and pacifiers in the end may be a long time to gather dust in the corner of the apartment. Therefore, it is best to know in advance the parents, whether they plan to give the baby a pacifier, whether to nurse the baby naturally or by artificial means. A young nursing mother simply does not need a variety of accessories, which produce the "iskusstvennomu". Conversely, if milk from a woman for whatever reason there is, it is unlikely to please the special outfits for breast-feeding a baby.

But there is a universal need most mom gifts. These include home appliances, which will relieve her of the housework. For example, the slow cooker will cook lunch for adults, without spending time to stir the pot. And instead will give you an extra half hour-hour of sleep. Steaming will help how to sterilize baby utensils, and cook food for the first feeding of the baby.

About the benefits of the dishwasher and can not speak, especially if the family has other children. Instead of long standing at the sink, mom will be able to pay attention to all the family or just to relax in the evening. The robot vacuum cleaner will free you from having to wash the floor when the child learns to crawl.
Educational rugs, for cots modules and other such things it is better to choose together with the child's parents.

Another good gift-gadget - monitor. Many believe that this device is only needed for those who have a spacious apartment or cottage. But even in a modest one it will be indispensable. First, mom's kitchen will hear the first beeping waking up the child and will be able to calm him down until the sound went to a loud cry. Secondly, you can easily put baby to sleep on the balcony or to go to the country and walk in the garden while he sleeps in the house.

Beauty mom

Will be useful and which will not allow the young mother to forget that she is also just an attractive woman. Certificate in beauty salon for a haircut, pedicure or a massage will help her for a while for a change of scenery and to feel welcome. Because in life with a baby is not all have enough time to style your hair or tidy your nails, as it was before the birth of the crumbs.

For this reason, many moms will appreciate the course of gentle exercise (of course, provided that in the child there is a nanny), swimming or yoga.
Lately, fashion gift steel slingobusy - tied with cotton thread, wooden beads, that mom used as a decoration as little as a safe teether for teeth.

Finally, an unusual and useful gift — a photo shoot with a professional family photographer. So parents will retain the memory of the first days of the baby pictures in high quality, not just the home camera. The more that the masters are reluctant to work in the genre of walking, and the session will not take too much time.