Such a different manicure Ombre

There are two varieties of manicure Ombre. The first involves the change in nail colours from the edge of the nail to the tip. It can be a transition from dark shade to light or play of contrasts the transition from one color to the opposite. For example, in the first embodiment, from red to dark Burgundy, and the second from yellow to saturated color of a sea wave.

The second technique of the Ombre manicure is very simple and represents the transition of shades from one nail to another. It can be as contrasting colors, and similar shades of one colour. In any case, your nails will not remain without attention. The color gradient looks great on nails of any length, including very short.

How to do Ombre nails

To create a trendy manicure at home, stock up on bright Polish at least two shades of one gradient, so that the transition happened with little perceptible. Than it is softer, more harmonious and fashionable look to your nails! You can take pink and orange tones or green and yellow. You will also need a sponge or eyeshadow applicator. The second option is more convenient for use. If neither one nor the other, you can take an ordinary sponge for washing dishes. Only it'll have to cut a small piece for ease of painting.

To begin, apply on the area around the nails of any greasy cream, so you can easily remove the Polish, which will inevitably fall on the periungual area. Cover the nail with transparent base. After drying apply the varnish, which is selected as the primary color.

Wet the sponge a bit with water so it wasn't so hard. Apply with a brush strip base coat and near a strip of a different color. Slightly blend the border of the two colors to get a harmonious color transition.

Now the fun begins! Gently make imprints of paint with a sponge onto nails. Moreover, the sponge can be positioned both along and across the nail plate. It all depends on your preferences. After each stamp immediately cover nail with clear varnish. It is important! Otherwise manicure will not work smooth, and will be bumps.

Left to moisten a cotton swab in the liquid for removal of varnish and remove the excess Polish from the skin around the nail. For these purposes you can use a special concealer. Fashionable Ombre manicure is ready! It is always possible to add rhinestones or glitter.

This technique is good because you can make experiments with colors. In addition, the Polish on the sponge can be applied not only stripes, but also diamonds, zigzags, triangles, and then you will get new incredible shapes and combinations. Believe me, Ombre, you'll never be bored. Each of us have a creative streak and the creation of such a manicure will be the perfect opportunity to stir your imagination and, of course, decorate your nails with exclusive nail Polish!