Normally pupils, regardless of the complexity of musical dictation, experiencing the same difficulties in working on it. Most often they are expressed in three problems: a) students do not have time to hear the entire tune, b) only hear a piece of music or individual notes) can't remember the entire tune from beginning to end. Depending on the problem and is the key to its resolution.
Practice for the development of musical hearing in the following manner. Pick your favorite tune on a musical instrument. Now write her notes. Further complicate the task. Try another song first record memory notes, and then check on the instrument, how well you wrote it. Always listening to another melody, imagine how it would look written notes.
Purchase a collection of musical dictation of your difficulty level. Sing another dictation from the worksheet. Then memorize sung dictation by heart. Remember that all dictations are typical cliches of the build melody, chords. If you often work with collections of musical dictations, over time, will remember the music and build from them. It will be useful for the next exam dictation with the teacher.
Do these exercises that increase your musical memory. Play a single note on a piano. Listen to her coloring. Transfer this note to other registers, the difference in sound. Play the interval with the same note, sing the sounds out loud. Play the same interval in a different register. Play a chord of three notes, sing his sounds, then move the chord to another register and so on. This exercise will help you to learn the same sounds in different registers.
And this exercise will help to develop the pace of the memorizing dictations. Write down help of a few dictations from the book on tape or a voice recorder in a slow tempo (Largo). Record for recorder dictation notes. If you have time to do it without mistakes, write down 2-3 dictation at a quicker pace on tape, and so on.
Don't be afraid to rough recording of music for a teacher in time of dictation. With repetition of the melody, you'll be able to improve. Do not miss, as taught by teachers in musical schools and colleges, first playing the melody, and write on the stave all of that in time to hear. And write all the sounds you will hear anywhere. Under the new listening you always fill the missing sound. Success!