Select the appropriate activation method. The first of them is via the Internet. Make a connection to a provider, then click the button "activation Notification" in the task pane, thereby running the activation wizard. If the activation icon is missing on the panel, you can start the wizard via the menu "start" from the folder "utilities".
Agree with the proposal to "Activate via Internet". Read the "privacy Statement" and click "Next". Fill in all required fields, and then enter into the corresponding field of the activation key to the system. You can find it on the reverse side of your installation disk of the operating system or to Microsoft. Also, in some cases the key is specified in the document located in the root installation folder. After processing your application, the system will be activated and you will see the corresponding entry on the screen.
Use your mobile or home phone to activate the system, if you have no Internet connection. Call proposed in the activation window to the room and wait for a response operator. Inform them about desire to complete the activation and read license code. The operator will check the data and confirm the activation of the system.
Remember that after you upgrade the computer, formatting the hard drive or cleaning it from viruses can sometimes be necessary to reactivate Windows XP. On the same media, you can make an unlimited number of preactivate. If you do not complete the activation process within 30 days after the system is installed, it will be suspended from the developers.