The first way is to activate it via the Internet connection. Connect to your ISP, find the button on the panel alert "activation Notification", make sure that the activation wizard is launched. The same label you can find if you walk the path: start button, All programs, Accessories, system tools, and next activation.
Accept by clicking "Yes" in the "Activate your copy" via the Internet". Carefully read the "privacy Statement" all rights and responsibilities, follow the mark Next. You have the right to register and go through the process of starting a licensed version, and to declare the desire to connect additional conditions for the installation (go Back).
To register please fill in all fields with contact information, get activation key for the system, enter it in the box and go back Next. Your application will be processed and the system is activated. Complete the procedure by pressing OK. You will be notified about the result by the screen message "You have successfully activated your copy of Windows".
If you do not have connectivity to the Internet from a personal computer, use a mobile phone (the model must support the function of "the Internet"). In the activation window, find the relevant paragraph, make a free call at the suggested number, inform the operator that you wish to activate and inform the operating system code. After verifying the personal code, enter a different encoding from the operator and standard OK.
If you upgrade your computer, that is, to spend on upgrading, format the hard drive, clean from viruses, be sure to reinstall and reactivate Windows XP. Preactivation on the same carrier can be done as many times as required. Remember that your actions to activate licensed version of Microsoft - it's not just the support of well-known companies, and the protection of their own equipment and information.