Glazed balcony, even if it is in good condition, will significantly increase the load on it. It should be further strengthened. This can be done in two ways. You want to create additional points of support for the balcony. In the first embodiment, this can be done from the bottom. But a good option if your balcony is on the first floor, or the neighbors won't mind additional design for your balcony, which will be held in front of their Windows.
In the case of the strengthening of the balcony below are two supporting steel structures, which were concreted into the ground under the balcony and back from the bottom as the column. The designs need to be carefully balcony attached to, for example, screws of the Soviet model.
Much less of a problem cause the application of the second option for strengthening the balcony above. You need to perform the through drilling of the wall of the apartment and to install a strong metal rod (both sides of the balcony) with his breakout inside walls of the dwelling. The rod with the other hand must support the balcony.
If the balcony is dilapidated, required strengthening of its parapet. This is done by means of metal structures or concrete blocks. In the first case, the balcony is covered with a new metal frame, if the old is completely outdated. Or strengthen metal corners of his fence. Frame metal lathing balcony rigidly attached to the walls of the dwelling. This method of strengthening is suitable for all balconies, even the most dilapidated.
The blocks strengthen the balconies for additional insulation. Of the downsides of the application of such design is its excessive weight and width of the blocks. Therefore, the foam blocks are not suitable for reinforcing narrow and very dilapidated balconies.
There is another option for strengthening the balcony. It is suitable to update a very old balconies, which use became dangerous. To do this, cut an old stove in the old balcony. Through the wall in the room are sewn metal rails (3 m length). And 1 meter rails is (rail here to bend and decorate), and 2 meter outside. Make such rail 3-4 pieces. The balcony is welded frame of floor, fences, corners. On the floor is being built formwork and poured concrete. The floor of the balcony needs to be at the level of the carrier overlap in the wall of the house. Additionally the balcony you can decorate and insulate with foam blocks or other water resistant material.