You will need
  • pate;
  • - bread;
  • - pickled cucumbers and other additives depending on the type of pate.
Before serving the pate to cool, but not freezing. Enough to keep it for a while in the fridge. Below will be described the specific use of specific spreads.
You should start with the submission of one of the most famous pâtés, foie Gras, which is made from a specially prepared goose liver. For feeding it is cut into thin slices. In a small dish sneaks slices of pate, lightly toasted bread, preferably French baguette, and a small amount of jam of figs. As alcohol Supplement with foie Gras is best suited Sauternes - aged sweet white wine. This paste very delicate flavor and should be served first.
Pate of chicken is best served with white nepodzharennye bread and a dry white wine. Pate of rabbit bude even more delicious with the filing with him of small pickled onions.Fish pate, for example, salmon, as an accompaniment suitable for a green salad, cornichons and fresh bread. Alternative flow - with cherry tomatoes or with olives. The optimal drink would be white wine, like many other fish dishes.
Special feed is provided for the so-called "paste in the bread." It is first necessary to slice correctly. If it is a circular shape, then he can be cut like a cake into eight or more parts. Pate, shaped like a loaf of bread, cut into slices. This dish is served on the plate portion and in the same way as fish pie can be accompanied by pickled cucumbers. Also it is possible to file a green salad dressed with a special vinaigrette dressing. It is prepared from vinegar, olive oil and mustard. The ingredients must be stirred until smooth and add to the salad to taste.
In addition to these traditional options on the buffet and feed pate. To do this, spread it on small pieces of bread. And foie RA can be cut into cubes and put on skewers.