The easiest option is to quickly organize bathroom capacity, when you need to clean up, for example, in the country. Cover any large container (a box, a box from wood, plastic) thick plastic material. This material is gardeners get to nakryvanie greenhouses. A quick bath is ready. Polyethylene can also be located in a pit dug in the ground and fill it with water. There will be some kind of "lazy" pool.
The following method of manufacture of baths with their hands longer, but the materials he requests quite a bit. Put the big pan of any shape with a brick. Build brick wall above the pan as much as you need the height of the tub. This bath is natural runoff. The hole in the pan you need to withdraw from the corrugated pipe into the sewage system of the house. The walls of the finished bath will be coated with optional ceramic tile.
Make the bath the hands of narrow modules of formwork, which should be removed after you should not. Formwork should be in this case made of metal. Pour the prepared form concrete solution. When the concrete dries, stone bathtub, waterproof materials such as tile, mosaic, waterproof plastic.
The bath can make red fire brick that should be glued together with waterproof glue (certicom). This adhesive is used for arranging of swimming pools. Then do the inside of a bath two layer waterproofing material, allowing to dry the layers. For decorative overlaid willing the tub with tile or other water-resistant material.
This option is the most difficult to manufacture bath special shape or size, but this way can realize the most unusual design problems. Of cardboard make a template for future bathroom in full size. On it (with the help of experts) weld a frame made of metal. Itself bowl bath is made from thin steel sheets. They can be bend to the desired angle, to give them special forms. The whole structure of the sheet and frame is installed at the future location of the bathroom.
Then the design of the poured concrete against moisture. When it dries, apply a first coat of waterproofing material and let it dry. Then two more with the systematic drying. Design check for a leak, pouring water into it for 1-2 days. If everything is in order, the bath surface according to the designer. It is best to finish this bath fit ceramic mosaic of sea stones or tiles. Thus can be manufactured in a private house, even a small pool.