Please note that the service activation is a one time request for myself translation. So to transfer funds from your phone to another subscriber you can use the free USSD-request *133* amount of mobile transferand* the phone number of the recipient#. For example, if you need to send 300 rubles, dial the number *133*300*7926XXXXXXX#. By the way, after sending the request to the operator on your phone a message will be received indicating a unique code. You will need to enter to confirm payment. The cost of each translationand will cost the sender 5 rubles.
To cancel the service "Mobile translation" at any time, for this, you will need to enter your phone's SMS, the text which must be contained figure 2. A room created for sending such messages - 3311. Calls to this number are free. However, the possible reactivation of service. Again to use the "Mobile translationohms", plug it, typing an SMS with a code 1. To send it you will need all the same number 3311.
All subscribers of the operator "MegaFon" you should pay attention to the fact that the service "Mobile translation" is not all available, the company may impose certain restrictions on the use of the service. To access it, you must be connected to certain tariff plans. Their full list can be viewed on the company's official website or learn about them at employee in any salon of communication "the Megaphone". For example, this tariff plan called "light". You need not just to connect to it, but to have your mobile account is not less than 160 rubles.