It is no secret that many restaurants and Banquet halls allow you to bring your own alcohol, especially when a large number of guests and the full closure of the institution under your event. Some restaurants require to pay in this case cork fee (sometimes called cork tax). This is especially common in restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Initially, this collection was practiced in restaurants in the hotels, then it began to adopt and other restaurants. Often explain to customers that the payment includes the hire of glasses and work of a bartender to open bottles. In fact it is just a supplementary payment, such as 10% service charge or fee for the rental of the hall.

Cork fee is taken from the calculation on one person, or one bottle. In the latter case, it is necessary to clarify in the restaurant are all imported bottles or only open during the Banquet. The value of a cork fee can range from 50 to 1000 rubles per person. If the cork fee is very large, it may be cheaper to order alcohol in the restaurant and not take your.

Fashion cork collection came from abroad, only initially, so-called cork fee took up the bottle, brought with him just for dinner, not a Banquet. Thus, it is possible to bring expensive wine collection and drink it in the proper situation, ordering a La carte. In Russia this option is a cork fee practice very few restaurants.