You will need
  • utility Unlocker;
  • - file Manager Far.
If you have the opportunity to come with an account user operating system containing files that you want to remove, log in under the appropriate login and password, delete the not needed folders from the computer. Please note that system files and folders (My documents, My Pictures, My Music) in this case is still not deleted in the usual way, it can be removed only from their content.
If you want to completely remove the folder of documents user Windows download the operating system under the account of another account. If there is none, create it. Open the control panel by the computer and go to the menu responsible for account settings. In the list of available accounts, select by pressing the left mouse button the folder which you want to delete. Select the menu remove account. In this case, the uninstall fails completely, even to the system folders.
If none of the above methods do not fit your situation, download any program to force removal of files and folders, for example, Unlocker. After installation the context menu appears an additional item, use it and remove locked folders from your computer. Before using this utility to carefully read its interface and basic features.
Download Far Manager from any of the torrent or the official website of the developer. Install the program on your computer, start it, open its menu is the folderthat contains the data the useryou want to delete. Select it and press Alt+Delete. You can also use other similar utilities, however, this could not be better with access to various computer directories and delete the unavailable elements of the operating system.