A lot of people want to choose the doorsto match the laminate and fit perfectly in the style of the room. In order to make the door fit well into the design space, its color should not be a "stranger" in the interior. Definitely need to think about snapping to existing elements. The door may have a color of flooring, furniture or other room decor.
Quite often the door and pick up the laminate is almost the same color. It is best to have more and similar texture. In the end, everything turns out very pretty. Contrast colors can still be, but no more than a couple of tones. Laminate flooring can be slightly darker or slightly lighter than the door. In order to choose the right color, they can look at the name of the wood. The packaging always indicates the color what breed of tree it corresponds to. Don't be afraid to choose laminate flooring and door the same color. They will not merge, besides creating a perfect harmony between them.
You can buy laminate dark color, and door – lighter. This option would also be nice. This contrast will look unforgettable.
If you want extravagance, you can play with contrast. Purchase door sharply contrasting to the color of the laminate. However, they should merge with the wall color. To choose is difficult, what to look it will all be attractive.
After the combination is chosen, be sure to take care of the choice of the plinth. Only the correct plinth can be linked into a single ensemble is very heterogeneous doors and floors. It will serve as a frame. You can choose baseboard same color as the door, but the contrast to the floor.