Advice 1: The benefits and harms of kvass

Kvas - traditional Slavic drink, which is obtained by fermenting malt, flour or stale rye bread. In Rus kvass was considered not just a drink, but the basis for many soups and chowder, the main means of entertainment during the holidays. Now brew does not occupy such an important place in our lives, as in ancient times, but in vain, because it has a number of valuable qualities, for which it is worth paying close attention.
The benefits and harms of kvass

Use brew

Kvass is a product of fermentation, and hence it is composed of organic acids. They stimulate the stomach, so the kvass is indicated in all people with reduced secretion of gastric juice. However, the rest of the brew helps to digest heavy food. The same acid have a positive effect on intestinal flora. The effect of kvass in this case, you can compare with kefir, kvass also supports beneficial bacteria and kills harmful.

Kvass - a drink balanced in mineral composition, so people who consume it in reasonable quantities, always has a good balance of salts in the body.

For the ancient Slavs brew was a blessing in the winter and spring, when there was no fresh fruit and vegetables, only kvass and sauerkraut could provide them with vitamin C. And today to make up for the loss of this vitamin with the help of kvass is especially important in the cold season.

Brew a well-known aphrodisiac and male potency enhancer, it is required to give the newlyweds before the wedding night. Also, this drink has a positive effect on bones and teeth, saturating them with calcium. Kvass contains in its composition a large amount of vitamin B and, therefore, drinking it helps to get rid of skin problems.

The product of fermentation can not only drink, women use it as facial mask, it is applied to hair after washing instead of industrial air conditioners and rinses. Kvass can be drunk without fear to get better, this drink very few calories.
Especially useful oatmeal unleavened brew is prepared on the raisins, it has an amazing emerald green color and mouthwatering taste.

It is worth noting that only useful natural live home brew. In its manufacture are used affordable products - it can be bread, oatmeal, rice, fruit, starchy foods, and his recipes are simple, so matter how much advertising may have been told that you need to buy trendy brew in bottles, it is better to do it myself.

Mischief brew

Kvass - real medicine, and like every drug, it has its contraindications. Brew is impossible to use for people with stomach ulcers and frequent heartburn. Excessive consumption of kvass can cause worsening urolithiasis and gallstone diseases.

Sometimes to the brew happens to be allergic, but that doesn't mean you have to give it up, just enough to cook the brew for some other recipe, without the use of allergens.
Home brew can be harmful for some people with typical diseases.

The brew contains a small amount of alcohol (less than 1.2%), but even it can lower the concentration so not worth it to drink before driving, especially because it may cause problems with the traffic police.

Advice 2 : What kinds of kvass exist

Kvass is considered a native Russian kind of drink, but knew him, and in Eastern countries long before the formation of Russia. Kvass beverage created through the fermentation of grain material, wort and malt, is popular all over the world, and therefore extremely diverse.

What kinds of kvass exist
Kvas is a popular drink in Russia. It is drunk by both adults and children. It is prepared through fermentation. For this purpose, the yeast, malt or rye bread. This drink is even taking as a basis in cold soup.

Brew is probably the best drink on a hot summer day. It is good thirst quencher because it contains acetic acid and lactic acid. Also thanks to the consumption of this healthy drink the body is saturated with the desired nutrients. In addition, the brew is good invigorates, relieves fatigue. But be careful, it contains alcohol. Due to this property of the drink in Russia for a long time was the main intoxicating drink at all celebrations, including weddings.

A variety Kvasov

This kind of drink has been around for quite a long time, the first references date to the sixth century BC. Love for the brew has not disappeared today. There are a variety of types of brew. Such as bread, fruit, berries, milk, honey.
Kvass from Saskatoon, dogwood, medlar is considered traditional for Uzbekistan, plums, prunes - for Belarus and Ukraine, a drink of the fruit drop, plum and hawthorn, viburnum, juniper do the Northern peoples, including the Finns.

For example, fruit and berry species of kvass can be made from:
- apples or pears
- quince and apricots
- oranges or grapefruit, tangerines,
- barberry.

Used to drink the cherry, berries crowberry, blueberry, honeysuckle, strawberry, strawberry, bramble, gooseberry, red currant, cloudberry, cherry, cranberry, black currant, raspberry, BlackBerry, cranberries, blueberries, mountain ash.
For vegetable kvass using beets, carrots. What it do! And vegetables, and fruit, and bread.

Kvass - traditional, Apple - gala

Kvass, of course, the most popular. For its preparation is used rye bread, sugar, yeast. Some use different additives, such as raisins, to give this drink a variety of interesting flavours. Kvass not only quenches one's thirst well, but gives at least short-term, but the feeling of fullness and burst of energy, vitality.

But the ancestors were held in high esteem Apple kvass. They cut the apples in slices and put them to cook in boiling water was added sugar. When the infusion has cooled down, they put the yeast and left to ferment. It turned out tasty, rich drink.

Kvass made from beets. This drink is very beneficial for digestion. For its preparation used beets, rye bread, sugar and salt to taste. Unusual is the brew of lemon, it is quite useful, and the taste is tart with a bitter acidity.
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