The dough for dumplings

For modeling of the mantle and knead tight dough of the following components:

- chicken eggs (1 PC.);
- wheat flour (350 g);
- cold water (0.5 Cup);
- sodium salt (1 pinch).

Break the egg into a bowl, pour in the water and in it dissolve table salt. Small portions enter into the liquid sifted flour and knead the dough for 20-25 minutes. If necessary, add more flour. When the dough ceases to stick to hands, put it on a cutting Board, cover with a cotton cloth and let it rest. Until it comes, make filling for dumplings.
Screening any flour, including store-bought flour, which is cleaned before filling. When passing through a sieve removes lumps formed during prolonged storage of the product, besides the flour is saturated with oxygen.

Dumplings with potatoes and bacon

To make the stuffing for dumplings, prepare a set of products:

- potatoes (800 g);
- fresh lard (100 g);
- onions (200 g);
- salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Fat if necessary pre-armorsite at room temperature and very finely chop. Clean the vegetables and chop with a knife. Mix the bacon, onions and potatoes, all salt and pepper to your taste. He takes over the mantle manufacturer.
Immediately after preparation of minced raw potatoes begin to shape dumplings, otherwise the vegetables will give the juice and the dough will get soggy.

Roll out the dough into a pancake 0,5 cm thick and cut it into squares with sides of about 10 × 10 cm Put in the middle of each workpiece 1 tablespoon vegetable toppings, connect the tips of the square pieces on the diagonal. Will Zadajte them so Manty steel oblong.

Heat the water in Kantishna, dip the bottom of each dough into the sunflower oil and spread out the semis on the grid. Tightly close the lid of the dish and treat dish with hot steam for half an hour. The finished dumplings put in a bowl, pour the melted butter and optional garnish with chopped greens of dill and parsley.

Vegetable dumplings with potatoes and other vegetables

Proponents of lean cuisine can knead the dough without eggs and stuff the dumplings vegetable medley. When mixing proceed as in the recipe skoromnogo meals, only chicken egg substitute 2 tablespoons of vegetable refined oil. For stuffing take:

- cabbage (1/3 plug);
- medium size carrots (1 piece);
- potatoes (for 4-5 tubers);
- onion (1 piece);
- salt to taste;
- vegetable oil for refueling.

Vegetables wash, peel and finely chop with a knife. Carrots can be crushed on a grater. All components of the filling mix, salt to taste and season with vegetable oil. Form dumplings and cook them in Kantishna as usual.