Turkey under creamy mustard sauce in the slow cooker. The original recipe

Turkey has more fat than chicken, so for cooking it is better to use breast bone, purified from the skin. Then the dish will turn out diet. Before you put the bird in a slow cooker, the pieces need to marinate. Turkey meat is quite delicate, so that it was soaking in sauce, enough for 30-40 minutes. To marinate 1 kg of poultry you will need:

- sour cream (200 g);
- mustard (2 tbsp);
- soy sauce (1 tbsp);
- seasoning salt, pepper (to taste).
If you want to prepare a side dish for rice or buckwheat, then pour the grits in the slow cooker, and add water. And the slices of Turkey, place on top of the pan for roasting. Thus you will prepare two tasty meals.

Connect the marinade ingredients together and RUB the Turkey. Treat the pieces with all the sides, slightly rubbing the marinade into the meat. Put in glass dish and cover. After bird is sufficiently soaked with marinade, turn multivarku mode "Quenching" and place the pieces in a saucepan. Lubricate it with oil is not necessary, the sour cream will not burn the Turkey. At the same time with the bird in the slow cooker, you can put the side dish - corn, cauliflower, broccoli. All of it perfectly cooked and soaked with a delicious marinade.

Turkey under creamy mustard sauce in the mode "Roasting". Especially cooking

If you like crisp, then in addition to the mode "Stewing" need to use the mode "Roasting". Marinated pieces of Turkey quick roasted in a slow cooker with two sides - 10 minutes one side, 10 on the other. Then the semi-finished product is filled with creamy mustard sauce. To prepare it, you can:

- sour cream (2 tbsp);
- mustard (2 tbsp);
- water (4 tbsp.);
- soy sauce (1 tbsp);
- flour (1 tbsp).
If you are not using the breast and other Turkey parts - increase the time they are placed in the marinade. Thick skin birds soaked long enough. To speed up the process, you can add a spoonful of balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients stir and pour the sauce over the slices of Turkey in a slow cooker. After that the switchable device is in the mode "Stewing". Leave for 30-40 minutes. 15 minutes after the beginning of the quenching test dish. If the sauce boils away too fast add a little more water. So the Turkey will be very soft inside and crispy outside.