You will need
  • - Turk or metal pot;
  • - rakia;
  • - sugar;
  • - a slice of lemon.
The fortress of brandy from 50 to 60%, so drink it in very small doses, from wine glasses with a volume of 30 or 50 milliliters.
Serve brandy to snacks, as is done in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The most popular food in this region eat raki – the Shopska salad, the milky salad and pickled vegetables.
Herbal brandy, popular in Croatia, serve as an aperitif before dinner, together with dried figs. The walnut raki is served as soon as starters are allowed and even biscuits.
In cold season try to prepare a "green" brandy – warmed. Take any metal container – well suited coffee maker or the Turk . Put on the bottom a little sugar and wait until it melts and becomes light brown in color with a characteristic smell – become caramelizing. Pour the brandy and wait until it starts to boil, immediately remove from heat and cool slightly.
Return to heat and allow to heat up again and remove just before boiling. Cool and repeat the procedure. Put in a heated brandy slice of lemon, cover the vessel with a lid and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Pour "greeno" brandy glasses."Greene" brandy you can cook with honey and add spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, anise.